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Address: Mangalore Central Railway Station, Mangalore, Karnataka 575001, India

Station Code: MAQ


Zone: SR/Southern

Train Frequency Weekly: 275

Station Traffic: High

Address: Goa 403601, India

Station Code: MAO

Station Name: MADGAON

Zone: KR/Konkan

Train Frequency Weekly: 321

Station Traffic: High

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TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTimeDaysClassesStatus
22633NIZAMUDDIN EXPMAJN02:15MAO08:506:35W2A,3A,SL,GN,22633 Status
02197CBE JBP EXPRESSMAJN02:40MAO08:305:50M2A,3A,SL,GN,02197 Status
16338OKHA EXPRESSMAJN04:35MAO10:055:30W,F2A,3A,SL,GN,16338 Status
12977MARU SAGAR EXPMAJN04:35MAO10:055:30SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12977 Status
16336GANDHIDHAM EXPMAJN04:35MAO10:055:30TU2A,3A,SL,GN,16336 Status
16334VERAVAL EXPRESSMAJN04:35MAO10:055:30M2A,3A,SL,GN,16334 Status
16312KCVL SGNR EXPMAJN04:35MAO10:055:30SA2A,3A,SL,GN,16312 Status
19259KCVL BVC EXPRESSMAJN04:35MAO10:055:30TH2A,3A,SL,GN,19259 Status
12431RAJDHANI EXPMAJN05:25MAO10:555:30TU,TH,F1A,2A,3A,12431 Status
56640MADGAON PASSRMAQ05:30MAO13:308:00M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2S,GN,56640 Status
12283ERS NZM DURONTOMAJN06:20MAO12:356:15TU1A,2A,3A,SL,12283 Status
11098POORNA EXPRESSMAJN06:30MAO14:057:35M2A,3A,SL,GN,11098 Status
12224ERS LTT DURONTOMAJN06:40MAO12:355:55W,SU1A,2A,3A,12224 Status
22636MADGAON EXPMAQ08:15MAO15:357:20M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2S,GN,22636 Status
22653NIZAMUDDIN EXPMAJN12:10MAO18:256:15SA2A,3A,SL,GN,22653 Status
22114KCVL LTT SF EXPMAJN12:10MAO18:256:15M,TH1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,22114 Status
22655TVC NZM EXPRESSMAJN12:10MAO18:256:15W2A,3A,SL,GN,22655 Status
22149ERS PUNE EXPRESSMAJN12:10MAO18:256:15TU,F2A,3A,SL,GN,22149 Status
12620MATSYAGANDA EXPMAQ12:50MAO19:056:15M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12620 Status
70106MAQ MAO DMUMAQ14:45MAO22:307:45M,TU,W,TH,F,SAUNRESERVED70106 Status
12134MUMBAI EXPMAJN16:40MAO21:405:00M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12134 Status
12617MANGALA LDWEEPMAJN19:15MAO01:256:10M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12617 Status
12217SAMPARK KRANTHIMAJN20:15MAO02:105:55M,SA1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12217 Status
22659DEHRADUN EXPMAJN20:15MAO02:105:55F2A,3A,SL,GN,22659 Status
12202LTT GARIB RATHMAJN20:15MAO02:105:55TH,SU3A,CC,12202 Status
12483AMRITSAR EXPMAJN20:15MAO02:105:55W2A,3A,SL,GN,12483 Status
10216MADGAON EXPRESSMAJN21:05MAO03:306:25M1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,10216 Status
19577JAMNAGAR EXPMAJN22:10MAO04:055:55M,TU2A,3A,SL,GN,19577 Status
19423GIMB HUMSAFARMAJN22:10MAO04:055:55TH3A19423 Status
19331KCVL INDORE EXPMAJN22:10MAO04:055:55F2A,3A,SL,GN,19331 Status
22630TEN DR EXPRESSMAJN22:10MAO04:055:55W2A,3A,SL,GN,22630 Status
19261PORBANDAR EXPMAJN22:10MAO04:055:55SU2A,3A,SL,GN,19261 Status
22476CBE HSR AC EXPMAJN22:10MAO04:055:55SA1A,2A,3A,22476 Status
16346NETRAVATHI EXPMAJN23:20MAO05:506:30M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,16346 Status
09012MAJN BDTS EXPMAJN23:55MAO05:556:00M2A,3A,CC,09012 Status
09010MAJN BDTS EXPMAJN23:55MAO05:556:00W2A,3A,SL,GN,09010 Status
09002MAJN MMCT EXPMAJN23:55MAO05:556:00TH2A,3A,SL,GN,09002 Status
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260/2022-23 08-08-2022
Rescheduling of Train Services

In view of Line Block/Power Block for facilitating Track Maintenance works in Chennai – Gudur and Katpadi - Jolarpettai Section, the following are the Changes in pattern of train services:

Rescheduling of Trains:

·Train No. 22637 Dr MGR Chennai Central – Mangalore Central Superfast Express scheduled to leave Dr MGR Chennai Central at 13.15 hrs o­n 08th, 09th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 20th, 22nd,23rd, 27th, 29th, 30th August and 03rd, 05th, 06th September 2022 is rescheduled to leave Dr MGR Chennai Central at 13.55  hrs (Late by 40 mins)

·Train No. 12609 Dr MGR Chennai Central – Mysuru Superfast Express scheduled to leave Dr MGR Chennai Central at 13.35 hrs o­n 08th, 09th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 20th, 22nd,23rd, 27th, 29th, 30th August and 03rd, 05th, 06th September 2022 is rescheduled to leave Dr MGR Chennai Central at  14.05 hrs (Late by 30 mins)

·Train No. 12840 Dr MGR Chennai Central – Howrah Superfast Mail scheduled to leave Dr MGR Chennai Central at 19.15 hrs o­n 20th August, 2022 is rescheduled to leave Dr MGR Chennai Central at 20.15 hrs (Late by 1 hr)

·Train No. 17229 Thiruvananthapuram Central – Secunderabad Sabari Express scheduled to leave Thiruvananthapuram Central at 07.00 hrs o­n 08th, 09th, 10, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th, 31st August & 01st, 02nd, 03rd, 05th, 06th, 07th September, 2022 (Except Sundays) is rescheduled to leave Thiruvananthapuram Central at 10.30 hrs (Late by 3 hrs 30 mins)

·Train No. 16354 Nagercoil – Kacheguda Weekly Express scheduled to leave Nagercoil at 09.00 hrs o­n 13th, 20th, 27th August and 03rd September, 2022 (Saturdays) is rescheduled to leave Nagercoil at 12.00 hrs (Late by 3 hrs)

Chief Public Relations Officer

Changes in Pattern of Train Service

Consequent to waterlogging and Soil slippage between Murdeshwar and Bhatkal stations in Konkan Railway, the following changes are made in pattern of train services:

Full Cancellation of Train Service:

Train No. 06601 Madgaon - Mangaluru Central Daily Unreserved Special leaving Madgoan at 13.45 hrs o­n 02nd August, 2022(Today) is fully cancelled

Rescheduling of Train Service:

Train No.12134 Mangaluru Junction - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Express scheduled to leave Mangaluru Junction at 16.35 hrs o­n 02nd August 2022 (Today) will be rescheduled to leave at 20.00 hrs o­n 02nd August, 2022 (Late by 3 hrs 25 mins)

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Chief Public Relations Officer


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