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74 Trains from (BPL)BHOPAL JN to (BINA)BINA JN

Address: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001, India

Station Code: BPL

Station Name: BHOPAL JN

Zone: WCR/West Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 742

Station Traffic: High

Address: Bina Railway Station Junction, Bina, Madhya Pradesh 470113, India

Station Code: BINA

Station Name: BINA JN

Zone: WCR/West Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 579

Station Traffic: High

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TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTimeDaysClassesStatus
12751NED JAT HUMSAFARHBJ00:15BINA02:352:20F3A12751 Status
12485NED SGNR EXPRESBPL00:25BINA02:332:08M,TH2A,3A,SL,GN,12485 Status
12439NED SGNR EXPRESBPL00:25BINA02:332:08SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12439 Status
22457NED AADR SF EXPBPL00:25BINA02:332:08SA2A,3A,SL,GN,22457 Status
12421NED ASR SUP EXPBPL00:25BINA02:332:08W2A,3A,SL,GN,12421 Status
12715SACHKHAND EXPBPL00:55BINA02:461:51M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12715 Status
11704REWA EXPRESSBIH01:25BINA04:303:05M,W,F3A,SL,GN,11704 Status
11071KAMAYANI EXPRESBPL02:35BINA05:302:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,11071 Status
12617MANGALA LDWEEPBPL02:45BINA04:401:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12617 Status
12625KERALA EXPRESSBPL03:00BINA04:501:50M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12625 Status
12647KONGU EXPRESSBPL03:30BINA05:201:50SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12647 Status
15024YPR GKP EXPBPL03:30BINA05:201:50TH2A,3A,SL,GN,15024 Status
22911SHIPRA EXPRESSBPL04:10BINA06:202:10TU,TH,SA2A,3A,SL,GN,22911 Status
15030PUNE GKP EXPRESSBPL04:30BINA06:402:10SA2A,3A,SL,GN,15030 Status
12161LASHKAR EXPRESSBPL05:20BINA07:402:20F2A,3A,SL,GN,12161 Status
12807SAMTA EXPRESSBPL06:00BINA08:052:05TU,W,TH,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12807 Status
18237CHATTISGARH EXPBPL06:20BINA09:152:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,18237 Status
12645NIZAMUDDIN EXPBPL06:30BINA08:201:50SA2A,3A,SL,GN,12645 Status
12803SWARNAJAYANTI EXBPL06:30BINA08:201:50M,F2A,3A,SL,GN,12803 Status
12147NIZAMUDDIN EXPBPL06:30BINA08:201:50TU2A,3A,SL,GN,12147 Status
12643NIZAMUDDIN EXPBPL06:30BINA08:201:50TU2A,3A,SL,GN,12643 Status
12781SWARNA JAYANTHIBPL06:30BINA08:201:50F2A,3A,SL,GN,12781 Status
22163MAHAMANA EXPRESSBPL06:50BINA08:502:00M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUCC,2S,GN,22163 Status
12103PA LUCKNOW EXPBPL06:55BINA08:572:02F1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12103 Status
19413KOLKATA EXPRESSBPL06:55BINA09:302:35W2A,3A,SL,GN,19413 Status
12143LTT SLN SUP EXPBPL07:20BINA09:302:10SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12143 Status
18235BILASPUR EX PASBPL08:00BINA10:402:40M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUSL,GN,18235 Status
11465SMNH JBP EXPRESBPL08:05BINA10:402:35M,SA1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,11465 Status
19421ADI PNBE EXPRESSSHRN08:37BINA11:352:58SU2A,3A,SL,GN,19421 Status
22829BHUJ SHM EXPSHRN08:37BINA11:352:58TU2A,3A,SL,GN,22829 Status
59386PANCHVALLEY PABPL08:55BINA16:257:30M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUFC,3A,SL,GN,59386 Status
11077JHELUM EXPRESSBPL09:10BINA11:152:05M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,11077 Status
12137PUNJAB MAILBPL09:40BINA12:002:20M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12137 Status
16093LUCKNOW EXPBPL10:00BINA12:302:30TU,SA3A,SL,GN,16093 Status
16031ANDAMAN EXPRESSBPL10:00BINA12:302:30W,TH,SU3A,SL,GN,16031 Status
09013MMCT LJN SF SPLSHRN10:12BINA12:502:38TH2A,3A,SL,GN,09013 Status
12943UDYOGKARMI EXPBPL10:40BINA12:502:10W2A,3A,SL,GN,12943 Status
01709JBP ATT SPLBPL11:20BINA14:002:40SA2A,3A,SL,GN,01709 Status
11015KUSHINAGAR EXPBPL13:55BINA16:152:20M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,11015 Status
11407PUNE LJN EXPRESSBPL14:20BINA16:302:10TU2A,3A,SL,GN,11407 Status
22169HBJ SRC HUMSAFARHBJ14:40BINA17:102:30W3A22169 Status
11057CSMT ASR EXPRESBPL15:05BINA17:402:35M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,11057 Status
12197GWL INTERCITY EXBPL15:30BINA17:251:55M,TU,TH,F,SA2S,GN,12197 Status
04120DADN ALD SPLSHRN16:22BINA18:352:13F2A,3A,SL,GN,04120 Status
12861LINK DAKSIN EXPBPL16:45BINA19:002:15M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12861 Status
12721NIZAMUDDIN EXPBPL16:45BINA19:002:15M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12721 Status
14623PATALKOT EXPBPL17:00BINA19:552:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,14623 Status
14814BPL JODHPUR EXPBPL17:25BINA20:052:40M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUSL,2S,GN,14814 Status
12919MALWA EXPRESSBPL17:30BINA19:352:05M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12919 Status
22161RAJYA RANI EXPBPL17:55BINA19:552:00M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUCC,2S,GN,22161 Status
19305INDB GHY EXPSHRN18:20BINA21:002:40TH2A,3A,SL,GN,19305 Status
11272VINDHYACHAL EXPBPL18:30BINA21:252:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUSL,GN,11272 Status
15016YPR GORAKPUR EXPBPL18:45BINA21:352:50TH2A,3A,SL,GN,15016 Status
22129TULSI EXPRESSBPL18:45BINA21:352:50TU,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,22129 Status
19321INDB RJPB EXPBPL18:45BINA21:002:15SA2A,3A,SL,GN,19321 Status
19313INDB RJPB EXPBPL18:45BINA21:002:15M,W2A,3A,SL,GN,19313 Status
12183BPL PBH SUP EXPBPL19:15BINA21:001:45TU,F,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12183 Status
12615GRAND TRUNK EXPBPL19:20BINA21:202:00M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12615 Status
12409GONDWANA EXPRESBPL19:50BINA22:002:10M,W,TH,F,SA2A,3A,SL,GN,12409 Status
12405GONDWANA EXPRESBPL19:50BINA22:002:10TU,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12405 Status
22165BPL SGRL SUP EXPBPL21:00BINA22:551:55W,SA1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,22165 Status
12155BHOPAL EXPRESSBPL21:20BINA23:322:12M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12155 Status
19663INDB KURJ EXPSHRN21:40BINA01:203:40M,W,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,19663 Status
12185REWANCHAL EXPBPL22:15BINA00:182:03M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12185 Status
14319INDB BARELLY EXPBPL22:20BINA01:002:40TH2A,3A,SL,GN,14319 Status
14816BGKT HUMSAFARBPL22:30BINA01:002:30F3A14816 Status
14313BAREILLY EXPBPL22:30BINA01:002:30M2A,3A,SL,GN,14313 Status
12594LJN GARIB RATHBPL22:45BINA01:002:15SU3A12594 Status
51827ET JHS PASSBPL22:45BINA04:055:20M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUUNRESERVED51827 Status
12627KARNATAKA EXPBPL23:35BINA01:301:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12627 Status
02196BPL REWA SF EXPBPL23:45BINA01:502:05SA1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,02196 Status
12192JBP NZM SF EXPBPL23:47BINA01:572:10M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12192 Status
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Tundla Jn. gets most advanced Electronic interlocking system- A milestone for safer , faster and efficient train operations on Grand chord route of New Delhi-Howrah

North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. 11PR/10/2019/Press ReleaseDate: 21.10.2019

Tundla Jn. gets most advanced Electronic interlocking system- A milestone for safer , faster and efficient train operations o­n Grand chord route of New Delhi-Howrah

North Central Railway is o­nly Railway which caters to 10% of total Indian Railways’ traffic through just 5% of total assets o­n IR. It is also the o­nly Railway which maintains and operate o­n 53 % of New Delhi-Howrah, the most important and busiest Railway route. Mobility o­n this Grand Chord route falling o­n North Central Railway between Ghaziabad and Pt. DeenDayal Upadhyay Jn. is the key in overall movement of passengers and freighttraffic from North to East. Tundla is an important Jn. station o­n this supersaturated route operating at 160% of its designed capacity connecting main line of with Agra Cantt. Jn. Despite being extremely important from train operation point of view ,Tundla Jn. was still continuing with mechanically interlocked signaling system of 1955 vintage. This system required manual operation of levers for receipt and dispatch of trains from 05 different cabins. Manual operation and coordination among cabins took approximately 05-07 minutes to handle each train at important Jn. station thus limiting its handling capacity to maximum 190-200 train o­n daily basis. Further Mechanical signaling also required upgrade to match with global safety standards in train operation. Layout of Tundla Jn. also needed important changes to accommodate longer trains and more route combinations for efficient train operations. Need for this change was felt a long back ago and work for remodeling and removal of Mechanical signaling was sanctioned way back in 1998-99, however actual execution got delayed due to extreme pressure of train operation at Tundla Jn. station as execution required cancellation of sizable number of trains which was not feasible unless an innovative and out of the box solution to this problem was found by NCR in 2019.

Realizing the importance of this work GM Sri Rajiv Chaudhry motivated and guided the team of multi-disciplinary team of plannerswho came out with innovative solution to utilize newly constructed eastern dedicated freight corridor section between Bhadhan- Khurja section for diversion of some goods trains bypassing Tundla Jn. thus minimizing cancellation of passenger trains during execution of this work. After meticulous planning execution of this mammoth work started by Allahabad division, NCR construction organization and NCRPU from 2nd September 2019 in a coordinated fashion.

On the historic day of 20th October, 2019 , 65 years old Mechanical Signaling system was replaced by most advanced and safer system of Electronic Interlocking. With commissioning of this system and some post commissioning works expected to be over by 17.11.2019 following major benefits shall be achieved in trains operation:

1.Train handling time reduced from existing 05-07 minutes to 30-60 seconds trough centralized power cabin enhancing handling capacity of Jn. to 250 per day from existing 200 maximum, thus less detention of trains outside Tundla and improved Punctuality of Trains.

2.Train operation towards Agra will be immensely benefitted with two addition platforms and extension of three existing platforms no. 3,4&5 to cater full length trains o­n main line.

3.All UP-direction yard lines are now fit for passenger train movement thus efficient handling of more coaching train.

4.Length of Yard lines increased to handle longer freight and passenger trains.

5.Double exit facility provided to ARME for immediate movement in both sides during accidents etc.

6.Centralized fail-safe operation through power cabin by just click of the mouse button replacing cumbersome, inefficient and manual operation spread across 05 cabins. Substantial saving o­n manpower requirement.

This work will go a long way in improving punctuality of trains o­n New Delhi- Howrah main lineand benefits shall be manifold during incoming foggy season through safe and detention free handling of trains at Tundla Jn.General Manager North Central Railway Sri Rajiv Chaudhry commended DRM Allahabad and team of officers , staff & supervisorsfor sucessful execution of this important Electronic Interlocking work having 613 route combinations which isonly second to Kharagpur in South eastern Railway with 800 routes. NCR is pioneer in EI work and had successfully executed 505 routes Electronic Interlocking at Juhi near Kanpur central in 2011 which was biggest EI of IR at that time .

20th Bench of Railway Claims Tribunal inaugurated at Prayagraj

North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. 11PR/10/2019/Press ReleaseDate: 13.10.2019

20thBench of Railway Claims Tribunal inaugurated at Prayagraj

Today o­n 13.10.2019, the 20th Bench of Railway Claims Tribunal inaugurated in Old General Manager Office of North Central Railway near Valmiki Chauraha by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Govind Mathur, Chief Justice Allahabad High Court, in the august presence of Justice KS Ahluwalia, Chairman, Railway Claims Tribunal,Shri. Rajiv Chaudhry, General Manager, North Central Railway, Shri Sanjiv Aggarwal, Member (Judicial), Railway Claims Tribunal, Allahabad Bench, Shri Madhusudan Rao, Principal Executive Director, Commercial Railway Board. o­n this occasion, the ceremonial function of installation of Member Judicial, Railway Claims Tribunal Allahabad Bench was done by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Govind Mathur, Chief Justice Allahabad High Court afterlighting of lamp, unveiling ofplaque and cutting the ribbon of the new tribunal court room.

          Prayagraj is not o­nly religiously, politically and educationally important city of Uttar Pradesh but it is also a major city of the country as it has the Central Administrative Tribunal, High Court of Uttar Pradesh, other head offices, Headquarters of North Central Railway and Divisional Railway Manager’s office Allahabad. Despite having 3 large divisions and being an important Railway zone, there was no Railway Claims Tribunal o­n the jurisdiction of North Central Railway.Officers and employees here often had to go to Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Ghaziabad.It was more cumbersome for those poor applicants who are resident of Prayagraj and nearby and had to travel to far away Railway Claims Tribunals.Realizing thisneed General Manager NCR Sri Rajiv Chaudhry had been raising this issue at Ministry level from quite some time.

Under the current provisions Chairman of the Railway Claims Tribunal has the authority to set up a new Bench of Railway Claims Tribunal, o­n whose recommendation the Ministry of Railways issues a notification.Due to the efforts General manager North Central railway Sri Chaudhry and Principal Chief Commercial Manager Shri Mahendra Nath Ojha, JusticeShri K. S. Ahluwalia Chairman, Railway Claims Tribunal Delhi approved the opening of Allahabad Bench of Railway Caims Tribunal. In this regard, o­n 12.09.2019, the Hon’ble Railway Minister made a formal announcement in Mumbai and the notification in the Gazette of the Government of India was issued later o­n 12.09.19.

After the notification was issued, NCR acted in mission mode under the overall guidance from its General Manager Sri Chaudhry and immediate action by team of officials from Allahabad division led by DRM Allahabad Sri Amitabha could make it possible to open this bench today in a month’s time which a record in itself . In the old General Manager's Office complex DFCCIL office was functioning , to open new RCT bench their shifting to new office complex , renovation of building , new tribunal court room construction in a very short time was indeed a herculean task which could be achieved by relentless hard work of Railway-men who worked day and night to make this happen .

Though passengers Safety is the prime concern of Indian Railways, however incidents do happen at times and it is very important that victims and their relatives get their legitimate compensation in time.RCT bench at Prayagraj is a milestone towards ease of process and reduced cycle time for claimants from 17 districts covered under it.

         In this new Bench of Railway Claims Tribunal, total 17 districts of Uttar Pradesh Banda, Bhadohi (Sant Ravidas Nagar), Chandauli, Chitrakoot, Fatehpur, Jalaun, Jaunpur, Jhansi, Kannauj, Kaushambi, Lalitpur, Mahoba, Mirzapur, Pratapgarh, Prayagraj, SonbhadraandVaranasi arecovered.Besides RCT bench, the administrative head of North Zone(technical) willalso be based at Prayagraj under whose jurisdiction are RCTs at Chandigarh, Delhi, Gorakhpur and Lucknow. At present, about 6300 cases are pending in the Bench of the Railway Claims Tribunal Lucknow. After the establishment of this bench at Prayagraj, about 1900 cases related to these 17 districts will be transferred to Allahabad Bench of which 907 cases have already been transferred. With large number of cases at Lucknow Bench, it was taking almost 4-6 years for claimant to get the compensation in event of accident,however with RCT bench at Prayagraj this time shall be reduced substantially.

During the inaugural function Member Judicial RCT Allahabad Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal welcomed Hon’ble Chief justice High Court Allahabad,Chairman RCT, General Manager, North Central Railway and PED Commercial Railway Board.

General Manager, North Central Railway Sri Rajiv Chaudhry in his welcome address said that about6300cases of these 17 districts which were pending at Lucknow will now be disposed offin a speedy manner .

PED / Commercial Mr. Madhusudan Rao said that after the establishment of this bench, people of this area will no longer have to go to Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Ghaziabad&Bhopal and the claim cases will be settled soon.

Chairman RCT Shri KS Ahluwalia said that RCT Allahabad bench is a step towards justice at doorstep ofpoor victims and their families from this area who shall be immensely benefited. He further said that General Manager North Central Railway has reat concern for common man and setting up of RCT at Allahabad in record time could be possible with sincere efforts by Sri Chaudhry .

Hon’ble Justice Mr. Govind Mathur CJ High Court Allahabad in his address said that any person with vision, knowledge and energy is bound to succeed and congratulated RCT and North Central railway for fast setting up of RCT bench at Allahabad.he said that with the establishment of this bench, the victims from this area will get justice at their door step. He added that the Bar Association of Allahabad is the most prestigious bar in the country whose full support shall be available for speedy disposal of RCT Allahabad cases.

At the end of the program, RCT Registrar Shri KP Yadav thanked Hon’ble Justice Mr. Govind Mathur CJ High Court Allahabad and all dignitaries present o­n the occasion. He specifically mentioned efforts of GM NCR and his team which was the key in setting up RCT bench at Allahabad at supersonic speed in a month’s time after notification o­n 12.09.19

On this occasion DRM Allahabad Sri Amitabha, PCCM NCR Sri Mahendra Nath Ojha, other Principal Head of departments of NCR, ADRM Allahabad, Mr. Enamul Haque, officials from NCR and Allahabad division, members from Bar association Allahabad , Registrar High Court Allahabad , other distinguished guests from city of Prayagraj and representatives from press & electronic media were present.


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