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Train Schedule & Fare
to Barmer | Distance-2473Kms | Travel Time 58:00Hrs | Avg Speed 42Km/Hr

Runs On- THU,,SAT
Fare Approx

S.noCodeStn NameArr.Dep.HaltDisDay
Slip Train
3RNYRANGIYA JN11:4511:505:00481
4BPRDBARPETA ROAD12:3712:392:001131
5NBQNEW BONGAIGAON13:4513:5510:001571
6NOQNEW ALIPURDAUR15:2515:305:002641
7NCBNEW COOCH BEHAR15:5516:005:002831
8NJPNEW JALPAIGURI18:1518:2510:004091
11KIRKATIHAR JN22:0522:2015:006101
13KGGKHAGARIA JN00:0400:062:007332
14BJUBARAUNI JN01:1001:155:007892
15MKAMOKAMEH JN02:1202:142:008102
16BKPBAKHTIYARPUR JN02:4302:452:008542
17PNBEPATNA JN04:2004:3010:008992
18DDUPT DEEN DAYAL UPADHYAY JN08:5909:1920:0011112
19ALDALLAHABAD JN11:3011:355:0012632
20CNBKANPUR CENTRAL14:0514:138:0014582
21TDLTUNDLA JN17:0017:1010:0016872
22AFAGRA FORT17:5518:0712:0017102
23AHACHHNERA JN19:0019:022:0017362
24BTEBHARATPUR JN19:3819:402:0017642
26KMNCKUCHAMAN CITY01:0201:042:0020573
27MKNMAKRANA JN01:1601:193:0020703
28DNADEGANA JN02:1402:173:0021143
29MTDMERTA ROAD JN03:3803:4810:0021593
30JUJODHPUR JN06:0006:077:0022633
31LUNILUNI JN06:3806:402:0022953
32SMRSAMDHARI JN07:2207:275:0023433
33BLTBALOTRA JN07:5307:585:0023773
Slip Train
36MTDMERTA ROAD JN03:3804:2042:0021593
39BKNBIKANER JN07:50Destination23333
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औंग स्टेशन पर अप एवं डाउन लूप के ओवर रन के निर्माण हेतु किये जा रहे नॉन इंटरलॉकिंग कार्य के कारण गाड़ियों का रेग्यूलेशन

रेल प्रशासन द्वारा सर्वसाधारण को सूचित किया जाता है कि प्रयागराज मंडल के औंग स्टेशन पर अप एवं डाउन लूप के ओवर रन के निर्माण हेतु किये जा रहे नॉन इंटरलॉकिंग कार्य के कारण गाड़ियों का रेग्यूलेशन करने का निर्णय लिया गया है, जिसका विवरण निम्नवत है-


प्रयागराज-कंसपुर गुगौली खंड में गाड़ियों का रेग्यूलेशन-

1.गाड़ी सं.15483 अलीपुर द्वार जं.-दिल्ली दिनांक 03.12.22 से 06.12.22 तक 60 मिनट के लिए एवं दिनांक 16.12.22 को 90 मिनट के लिए रेग्यूलेट की जाएगी

2.गाड़ी सं.18101/18109 टाटा नगर/संबलपुर-जम्मू तवीदिनांक 03.12.22 to 06.12.22 एवंदिनांक 16.12.22 को 60मिनटके लिए रेग्यूलेट की जाएगी

3.गाड़ी सं.12825 रांची-आनंद विहार (ट.)दिनांक 16.12.22 को 45मिनटके लिए रेग्यूलेट की जाएगी

4.गाड़ी सं.12311 हावड़ा-कालकादिनांक 16.12.22 को 45मिनटके लिए रेग्यूलेट की जाएगी

5.गाड़ी सं.15632 गुवाहाटी-बाड़मेर दिनांक16.12.22 को 30मिनटके लिए रेग्यूलेट की जाएगी

6.गाड़ी सं.12487 जोगबनी- आनंद विहार (ट.)दिनांक 16.12.22 को 30मिनटके लिए रेग्यूलेट की जाएगी

7.गाड़ी सं.12987 सियालदह-अजमेरदिनांक 16.12.30 को 30मिनटके लिए रेग्यूलेट की जाएगी


14102019 / 43623-10-2019

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel of N.F. Railway have recovered contraband items like cannabis, drugs, liquor and stolen rails, measuring tape, foreign made garments worth about Rs. 12.72 lakh as well as two stolen Enfield motor cycles during the period from 23rd September to 9th October, 2019. The contrabands were recovered during regular checks and special drives at various stations and trains over N.F. Railway.

During this period, the RPF also rescued 45 children at different stations over N.F. Railway and handed them over to their respective guardians or NGO’s like Child Line.

Acting o­n information received from sources regarding theft of rails from Lumding- Patharkhola section o­n 23rd September, CIB (Crime Investigation Branch) team of RPF/Lumding rushed to the spot and started search to locate the stolen rails and detected o­ne truck parked at 3 No. Hathikhuli area loaded with 14 pieces of 52 kgs rails of different length. RPF personnel apprehended o­ne person from the truck and seized stolen rails, o­ne gas cutter and the rail laden truck with keys. The value of the recovered rails was Rs. 70 thousand (approx.).

Similarly o­n September 24th, CPDS (Crime Prevention and Detection Squad) team of CIB/Guwahati conducted checking against theft of passenger belongings at Guwahati railway station and apprehended o­ne person with recovery of two mobile phones stolen from passengers.

Again o­n 25th September, acting o­n tip-off, CIB team of RPF/Guwahati rushed to the Parcel Office, Guwahati and recovered two stolen Enfield motor cycles which were carried from New Delhi by train. RPF personnel seized the vehicles and apprehended three persons involved in theft of the vehicles.

Acting o­n information received o­n 26th September, RPF of Barpeta Road and CPDS team of RPF/Rangiya jointly conducted checking in train no. 15632 DN- Bikaner Express at Barpeta Road railway station and recovered two unclaimed plastic bags containing contraband liquor worth Rs. 10,320/-. In an another incident o­n that day, RPF of Dharmanagar conducted checking at Dharmanagar railway station and recovered 3 kgs cannabis valued at Rs. 18 thousand. Again o­n 29th September, RPF of Dharmanagar recovered 5 unclaimed packets containing 9800 drugging tablets during surprise checking conducted in train No. 55664 UP Silchar - Agartala Passenger. The value of the recovered tablets was Rs. 4.90 lakh.

On 1st October, RPF personnel of New Bongaigaon during checking at Train No. 12502- Poorvattar Sampark Kranti Express, recovered contraband items like measuring tape and foreign made garments worth Rs. 6.75 lakh. o­n that day, RPF team of Katihar also apprehended two persons during special checking drive at Katihar Railway station area with recovery of 51 bottles of IMFL of Rs. 9,335/-.

RPF personnel of Guwahati apprehended o­ne person at Hojai Railway station o­n 3rdOctober, during escorting train No. 15612 DN- Silchar – Guwahati Express and recovered 3 stolen mobile phones and other IT related items.

Again o­n 3rd October, RPF of Tinsukia conducted drive at against touting activities at PRS counter at Dibrugarh Town and apprehended o­ne person namely Aftab Khan aged about 43 yrs and seized two Railway tickets of Rs. 2090/- along with cash Rs. 5 thousand.

(Subhanan Chanda)
CPRO/N.F. Railway


subhash yafdav- Wed Mar 18 21:18 2015
15632 me ganrl bogi hai ya nahi

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