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Address: APDJ, Majherdabri Road, Alipurduar, West Bengal 736123, India

Station Code: APDJ

Station Name: ALIPUR DUAR JN

Zone: NFR/Northeast Frontier

Train Frequency Weekly: 50

Station Traffic: Low

Address: Guwahati Railway Station, Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam, India

Station Code: GHY

Station Name: GUWAHATI

Zone: NFR/Northeast Frontier

Train Frequency Weekly: 255

Station Traffic: High

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TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTimeDaysClassesStatus
12515GUWAHATI EXPNOQ00:10GHY05:505:40W2A,3A,SL,12515 Status
12509GUWAHATI EXPNOQ00:10GHY05:505:40M,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,12509 Status
12513SC GHY EXPNOQ00:10GHY05:505:40TU2A,3A,SL,12513 Status
15635GUWAHATI EXPRESNOQ00:40GHY07:056:25M2A,3A,SL,15635 Status
15667KAMAKHYA EXPRESNOQ00:40KYQ06:005:20TU2A,3A,SL,15667 Status
02501HWH GHYSPECIALNOQ01:47GHY07:455:58M1A,2A,3A,SL,02501 Status
12507GUWAHATI EXPNOQ02:32GHY07:555:23F2A,3A,SL,12507 Status
15901DIBRUGARH EXPAPDJ03:10GHY08:155:05TH2A,3A,SL,15901 Status
13282RJPB NTSK EXPAPDJ03:10GHY08:155:05SU2A,3A,SL,13282 Status
15469INTERCITY EXPAPDJ04:00GHY09:405:40M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2S15469 Status
12345SARAIGHAT EXPNOQ04:35GHY09:304:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,12345 Status
15645GUWAHATI EXPRESNOQ04:55GHY11:306:35M,F2A,3A,SL,15645 Status
15471INTERCITY EXPAPDJ05:05KYQ11:556:50M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2S15471 Status
15619GAYA KYQ WKLY ENOQ06:40KYQ12:305:50W3A,SL,15619 Status
15647GUWAHATI EXPRESNOQ06:40GHY13:006:20SU2A,3A,SL,15647 Status
15905DBRG VIVEK EXPAPDJ07:20GHY13:456:25TU2A,3A,SL,15905 Status
14056BRAHMPUTRA MAILNOQ07:40GHY14:256:45M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,14056 Status
12551YPRKYQ AC EXPNOQ08:05KYQ13:305:25M1A,2A,3A,12551 Status
15622ANVT KYQ EXPRESAPDJ08:45KYQ14:456:00SU3A,SL,15622 Status
15959KAMRUP EXPRESSNOQ09:20GHY15:456:25M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,15959 Status
12517GHY GARIB RATHNOQ10:27GHY15:405:13M,F3A12517 Status
15934ASR DBRG EXPRESNOQ10:30GHY15:405:10SU2A,3A,SL,15934 Status
12506NORTH EAST EXPNOQ11:35GHY16:455:10M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,12506 Status
15611KARMABHOOMI EXPAPDJ13:25KYQ19:155:50F1A,2A,3A,SL,15611 Status
22511KARMABHOOMI EXPAPDJ13:30KYQ18:104:40F1A,2A,3A,SL,22511 Status
15904CDG DBRG EXPRESNOQ13:51GHY18:304:39F2A,3A,SL,15904 Status
05904CDG DBRG SPLNOQ13:51GHY18:304:39TU2A,3A,SL,05904 Status
12436NDLS DBRT RJDHNNOQ14:20GHY19:004:40M,F1A,2A,3A,12436 Status
12236NDLS DBRG RJDHNNOQ14:20GHY19:004:40W1A,2A,3A,12236 Status
13248KYQ CAPITAL EXPAPDJ16:05KYQ21:105:05M,TU,W,TH1A,2A,3A,SL,13248 Status
15639PURI GHY EXPRESNOQ16:15GHY22:105:55W2A,3A,SL,15639 Status
15941JHAJHA DBRG EXPAPDJ16:48GHY22:155:27SA2A,3A,SL,15941 Status
15661RNC KYQ EXPRESAPDJ16:48KYQ22:005:12M,TH3A,SL,15661 Status
15652LOHIT EXPRESSNOQ17:20GHY23:105:50F2A,3A,SL,15652 Status
15654JAMMU GHY EXPRENOQ17:20GHY23:105:50SU2A,3A,SL,15654 Status
05610GKP GHY SPLNOQ18:19GHY23:305:11SU2A,3A,SL,05610 Status
19709KAVI GURU EXPAPDJ18:20KYQ23:405:20W2A,3A,SL,19709 Status
15631BME GHY EXPRESSNOQ18:22GHY23:355:13TU,TH2A,3A,SL,15631 Status
25631BKN GHY EXPRESSNOQ18:22GHY23:355:13TU,TH3A,SL,25631 Status
15610AVADH ASSAM EXPNOQ21:15GHY03:005:45M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,15610 Status
25610GHY JIVACHH LINNOQ21:15GHY03:005:45M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU3A,SL,25610 Status
15657KANCHANJANGA EXNOQ22:10GHY04:306:20M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,15657 Status
15629GUWAHATI EXPRESNOQ22:40GHY04:556:15W2A,3A,SL,15629 Status
15929DIBRUGARH EXPNOQ22:40GHY04:556:15SA2A,3A,SL,15929 Status
15643PURI KYQ EXPRESAPDJ23:10KYQ04:205:10SU3A,SL,15643 Status
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Joint mock drill along with NDRF conducted

Safety Organisation of N.F.Railway conducted joint mock drill with the NDRF authorities at various locations o­n 1st June, 2015. Railway officers, supervisors and staff belonging to the Engineering, Mechanical, Operating and Medical departments from Kamakhya, Guwahati and New Guwahati areas along with medical team & rescue team of NDRF conducted the mock drill using some damaged coaches and the 140 ton lifting crane. The entire drill was conducted from 10.00hrs to 17.30hrs after meticulous planning with the 1stBattalion of NDRF. The drill was aimed at joint rescue and evacuation effort of railway passengers in case of an accident and how to promptly take care of injured persons. Different types of mechanical equipments which are normally kept in the “Accident Relief Train” were used and how the victims can be operated upon at the operation theatre of the “Self Propelled Accident Relief Medical Equipment Van” which is available at the Guwahati station was displayed.

The mock drill showed preparedness and capabilities of the concerned departments for effective, speedy and safe rescue operation. Such drill is expected to further enhance and sharpen the capabilities of officials involved in rescue operation in case of an rail accident.

(Pranav Jyoti Sharma)

Yoga training camp at Maligaon inaugurated by Shri R.S.Virdi, GM/N.F.Railway

A week long Yoga camp was inaugurated today by Shri R.S.Virdi, GM/N.F.Railway at the Maligaon Railway Indoor Stadium. The camp is being conducted by the Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, Uzanbazar, Guwahati. Before starting of the programme a performance presentation about Omkar Pranayama was given by Shri Romen Soma, a central office bearer of the Vivekananda Kendra. The Director of the Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, Uzanbazar, Guwahati  Shri P.C.Bhattacharjee expressed his pleasure by observing the enthusiasm of Railway employees in regard to participation. The camp being organized as part of the fortnight long Railyatri Upbhokta Pakhwada is open for participation to all, and will go a long way in mitigating the day to day stress being experienced by railwaymen and society at large. 

(Pranav Jyoti Sharma)


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