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Address: Kengeri Railway Station, Stage II, Kengeri Satellite Town, Bangalore, Karnataka 560060, India

Station Code: KGI

Station Name: KENGERI

Zone: SWR/South Western

Train Frequency Weekly: 280

Station Traffic: High

Address: Andhra Pradesh 517520, India

Station Code: RU

Station Name: RENIGUNTA JN

Zone: SCR/South Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 529

Station Traffic: High

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TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTimeDaysClassesStatus
18638BNC HATIA EXPBNC00:15RU07:457:30TU2A,3A,SL,GN,18638 Status
11065MYS RU EXPSBC01:25RU08:257:00F2A,3A,SL,GN,11065 Status
22818MYS HOWRAH EXPSBC03:10RU09:556:45M2A,3A,SL,GN,22818 Status
06521YPR NZM SPLYPR06:30RU15:309:00TH2A,3A,SL,GN,06521 Status
22617TIRUPATHI EXPSBC07:40TPTY13:305:50M,W,SACC,2S,GN,22617 Status
12846BHUBANESHWAR EXPBNC08:25RU14:456:20TU2A,3A,SL,GN,12846 Status
12890YPR TATA EXPYPR08:30RU14:456:15M2A,3A,SL,GN,12890 Status
12836YPR HATIA EXPYPR08:30RU14:456:15W,F2A,3A,SL,GN,12836 Status
22888HUMSAFAR EXPYPR09:55RU16:056:10TH3A22888 Status
12539YPR LUCKNOW EXPYPR10:50RU16:355:45W2A,3A,SL,GN,12539 Status
12246DURONTO EXPRESSYPR11:00RU16:505:50M,TU,TH,F,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,12246 Status
17209SESHADRI EXPRESSBC11:00RU17:406:40M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,17209 Status
22864YPR HWH AC EXPYPR11:00RU16:505:50W1A,2A,3A,22864 Status
22354HUMSAFAR EXPBAND13:15RU20:006:45SU3A22354 Status
12253ANGA EXPRESSYPR13:30RU20:006:30SA2A,3A,SL,GN,12253 Status
16219CMNR TPTY EXPKGI19:25TPTY05:2510:00M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU3A,SL,GN,16219 Status
12864YPR HOWRAH EXPYPR19:35RU02:306:55M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,12864 Status
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General Manager NCR and NR Sri Rajiv Chaudhry chaired web-based seminar on latest development in field of signalling for faster, safer and efficient train operations.

North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. 11PR/02/2020 Press ReleaseDate: 15.05.20

General Manager NCR and NR Sri Rajiv Chaudhry chaired web-based seminar o­n latest development in field of signalling for faster, safer and efficient train operations.

Jhansi-Bina is among the 04 sections of Indian Railways identified for pilot implementation of ETCS level 2 modern signalling system before rollout in New Delhi- Howrah and New Delhi- Mumbai trunk routes

In wake of Covid-19 related lockdown, North Central has started use of o­nline platforms regularly for organising trainings,seminars,meetings, conferences etc . Web Based seminars organised by different departments have been particularly popular among employees as this interactive session also providesthem opportunity to learn from expertsin respectivefields.Signal & Telecom department of North Central Railway has been leading the way in organising suchweb-based seminars and 9thweb-based seminar has been organised o­n European Train Control System (ETCS) Level -2 which is modern signalling system aimed towards safe, efficient and faster train operations.In this webinar Chaired by GM North Central and Northern Railway Sri Rajiv Chaudhry ,about 100 officials from NCR participated along with experts from RailTel and Europe based OEM of this modern signalling system. Mr Thomas Jansson, expert from industry from Sweden gave presentation o­n the latest technology of train control system and also about the pilot project of thismodern signalling i.e. ETCS Level 2 being implemented in Jhansi- Bina section of North Central Railway . Jhansi-Bina section is o­ne of the four routes identified for implementation of this signalling system o­n pilot basis besides Nagpur-Badnera(CR), Renigunta-Yerragunta(SCR) and Vijaynagram- Palasa(ECoR) o­n golden quadrilateral routes. This will help in gaining experience and incorporating required improvements before implementing this latest signalling system i.e. ETCS L-2 in New Delhi- Howrah and New Delhi- Mumbai trunk routes.

This modern signalling called ETCS L-2 isbasically a radio based, continuous automatic train protection system which mitigateany chances of collision by eliminating cases of Signal passing at danger, over speeding etc. ETCS L-2 system also aims to improve the line capacity of the congested trunk routes through centralised traffic control and automatic train controlling system . Thereby increasing throughput capacity i.e. running of more trains in same section.With ETCS-L-2, advance LTE based (4G) communication will be available o­n train which can be used for monitoring of o­nboard CCTV camera provided in coaches remotely from control rooms for enhanced security of the passengers.

This modern signalling system will include o­n-board equipment fitted in locomotives&trainsets, trackside equipment and Radio Block centre which communicate continuously with trains through mobile train radio communication.

Radio Block centre works as brain of this system which are planned 200 kms apart and will have all interlocking data of wayside stations allowing it to maintain safe distance between the two trainsthrough continuous communicationbased o­n capacity of each section & station automatically.

At the outset Shri Arun Kumar PCSTE NCR welcomed Shri Rajiv Chaudhry GM NCR & NR in this webinar .Shri Nirajyadav- Chief Signal Enggineer of NCR briefed participants o­n the seminars organised by NCR.Shri Arun Kumar Saksena- Advisor Signal Railtel&Shri Sandeep MathurDRMJhansi also participated in this webinar .

In his address to participants, Shri Rajiv Chaudhry GM/NCR &NR said that such seminars will help in better understanding of this modern signalling system by our employee. He stressed upon the need to train our workforce o­n latest technological advancements being made in Railways to make our staff self-reliance to meet day to day maintenance needs.Shri Chaudhry also added that proper customization of this modern signalling system according to Indian conditions must be done to suit our requirement as well as to get the desired output from this system.

Press Release No. 118 Dt: 30.05.202001-06-2020
Press Release No. 118 Dt: 30.05.2020, ELIMINATION OF STOPPAGES

प्रेस विज्ञप्तिPress Release No. 118 Dt: 30.05.2020


Due to COVID-19 pandemic the stoppages provided for Train No.02295/02296 KSR Bengaluru – Danapur – KSR Bengaluru Daily Express Special at MGR Chennai Central, Arakkonam, Katpadi and Jolarpettai is eliminated

The train will be routed through Jolarpettai – Renigunta – Gudur via Melpakkam instead of Jolarpettai – MGR Chennai – Gudur. (The train will touch Jolarpettai but will have no stoppage)

(The first service of train No.02295 KSR Bengaluru – Danapur Daily Express Special starts from 01.06.2020. The first service of Train No.02296 Danapur – KSR Bengaluru Express Special starts from 03.06.2020)


A special train as detailed below will be run between Howrah and Yesvantpur. The stoppages, timings, days of service and maintenance pattern of the trainwill be same as that of Yesvantpur – Howrah – Yesvantpur Duronto Express: -

Train No.02245/02246 Howrah – Yesvantpur – Howrah(Five-days-a-week) Superfast Special Express: -

Train No.02245 Howrah – Yesvantpur Superfast Special Express departs from Howrah at 10.50 hrs o­n Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and reaches Yesvantpur at 16.00 hrs o­n the next days.

The first service of the train from Howra is o­n 02.06.2020 and will continue until further advise.

In the return direction Train No.02246 Yesvantpur – Howrah Express Special departs from Yesvantpur at11.15 hrs and o­n Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday to reach Howrah at 16.10 o­n the next day.

The first service of the train from Yesvantpur will be o­n 04.06.2020 and will continue until further advise.l

 The train will run via Bhubaneswar, Vizianagaram, Vijayawada and Renigunta.   

The train will have a composition of 1 First AC Coach, 1 Two Tier AC Coach, 5 Three Tier AC Coaches, 11 Three Tier Second Class Sleeper Coaches, 1 Pantry Car and 2 Luggage-cum-Generator Cars.     

                                                                                  Chief Public Relations Officer

                                                                               South Western Railway, Hubballi


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