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28 Trains from (NDLS)NEW DELHI to (BE)BAREILLY

Address: New Delhi, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India

Station Code: NDLS

Station Name: NEW DELHI

Zone: NR/Northern

Train Frequency Weekly: 1506

Station Traffic: High

Address: Station Road, Civil Lines, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243001, India

Station Code: BE

Station Name: BAREILLY

Zone: NR/Northern

Train Frequency Weekly: 559

Station Traffic: High

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TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTimeDaysClassesStatus
15623BGKT KYQ EXPDEC03:46BE10:066:20TU2A,3A,SL,GN,15623 Status
14556BAREILLY EXPDLI06:10NSU12:206:10M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU2A,3A,GN,14556 Status
15910AVADH ASSAM EXPSSB06:30BE12:526:22M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,15910 Status
20504NDLS DBRG RJDHNNDLS09:25BE13:454:20TU1A,2A,3A,20504 Status
20506NDLS DBRT RJDHNINDLS09:25BE13:474:22TH,SU1A,2A,3A,20506 Status
12204SHC GARIB RATHNDLS11:05BE15:184:13W,SA,SU3A,CC,12204 Status
14258KASHI V EXPRESSNDLS11:35BE16:425:07M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,14258 Status
12392SHRAMJEVI N EXPNDLS13:10BE17:384:28M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12392 Status
14322BAREILLY EXPRESSDEC13:46BE20:356:49W,F,SA,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,14322 Status
14312ALA HAZRAT EXPDEC13:46BE20:356:49M,TU,TH2A,3A,SL,GN,14312 Status
19601UDZ NJP EXPDEC13:59BE19:575:58SA2A,3A,SL,GN,19601 Status
12372JSM HWH SF EXPDEC13:59BE19:395:40TH2A,3A,SL,GN,12372 Status
19407ADI VARANASI EXPDEC13:59BE19:575:58TH2A,3A,SL,GN,19407 Status
14316INTERCITY EXPNDLS16:35BE21:505:15M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUCC,2S,GN,14316 Status
15274SATYAGRAH EXPSBB17:41BE22:224:41M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,15274 Status
14004NDLS MLDT EXPNDLS18:00BE22:424:42TH,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,14004 Status
14206DLI FD EXPDLI18:25BE23:475:22M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,14206 Status
22418MAHAMANA EXPNDLS18:35BE23:084:33M,W,F1A,2A,SL,GN,22418 Status
19269PBR MOTIHARI EXPDEC18:59BE01:216:22TH,F2A,3A,SL,GN,19269 Status
15716GARIB NAWAJ EXPDEC18:59BE01:216:22M,TU,TH1A,3A,SL,GN,15716 Status
11111GD SUSHASAN EXPNZM19:10BE00:014:51W2A,3A,SL,GN,11111 Status
14208PADMAVAT EXPRESDLI19:50BE00:525:02M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,14208 Status
14650SARYUYAMUNA EXPDLI21:10BE01:574:47M,W,SA2A,3A,SL,GN,14650 Status
14674SHAHEED EXPDLI21:10BE01:574:47TU,TH,F,SU2A,3A,SL,GN,14674 Status
12230LUCKNOW MAILNDLS22:05BE02:504:45M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,SL,GN,12230 Status
19403SULTANPUR EXPDEC23:01BE04:435:42TU2A,3A,SL,GN,19403 Status
12430NDLS LKO AC SFNDLS23:25BE03:374:12M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SU1A,2A,3A,12430 Status
54078DLI BE PASSENGRDLI23:50BE09:409:50M,TU,W,TH,F,SA,SUSL,GN,54078 Status
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First Kisan Rail from Lingampet Jagityal to New Delhi

- Kisan Rail loaded with Mangoes in 20 VPUs have been transported

from Lingampet Jagityal in Telangana to Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi

-50% tariff concession granted to the customers for transporting by Railways

For the first time Mangoes have been loaded and despatched by Kisan Rail from Lingampet Jagityal in Telangana state to Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi o­n 13th April, 2021. Jagityal area in Telanagana is well known for cultivation of export quality mangoes. Till now, during the mangoes season the traders, cargo aggregators and farmers were transporting these superior quality mangoes by Road to different parts of the country, which is expensive, time taking and prone to relatively more enorute damages and losses.

Introduction of Kisan Rail concept by Indian Railways along with 50% tariff concession provided by the Union Ministry of Food processing Industries under the scheme “Operation Greens - TOP to Total” was extensively publicised by the newly formed Business Development Unit (BDU) team of Secunderabad Division across all segments of freight customers including traders, cargo operators, bulk transporters and farmers in and around Jagityal region. The BDU also explained to the freight customers of this area about various schemes and concessions being offered by the Railways.

In addition, to facilitate freight customers and assist loading at Lingampet Jagityal station, several improvements were completed o­n war footing which includes levelling of mud heaps to improve loading platforms, provision of temporary shelter with GI sheets, lighting arrangements with enhanced illumination and provision of weighing scales etc. Generally, Kisan Rails consists of 15 to 20 parcel vans (VPs), each VP with carrying capacity of 23 tonnes.

All these developments have led to the start of first Kisan Rail from Lingampet Jagityal. A total of 476 Tonnes of Mangoes have been loaded in 20 VPUs from Lingampet Jagityal to Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi. Introduction of Kisan Rail from Lingampet Jagityal has immensely helped the farming sector of this area in finding new avenues for marketing their farming produce across the country. Further, it provides a smooth, hassle-free and economical transportation facility with least enroute damages to the farmers, traders and cargo operators. Also, with the commodities being loaded in Parcel Vans, where the requirement is o­nly 23 tonnes / van, this has helped the farmers/ traders with small to medium quantities also to avail the facility.

Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railway has expressed his happiness o­n loading of Kisan Rails from Lingampet Jagityal to New Delhi. He complimented the efforts of Secunderabad Division Team for operation of Kisan Rail loaded with Mangoes from Lingampet Jagityal to Adarsh Nagr, New Delhi. General Manager advised he freight customers to utilise the Kisan Rail facility for transportation of their farming produces at concessional tariff. Farmers and traders also satisfied with the facilities being developed by the Railways at Lingampet Jagityal and expressed happiness for the concession being granted in tariff. They have assured to continue the loading by rail till completion of the mango season.

Chief Public Relations Officer


Shri Piyush Goyal dedicates Hansdiha - Godda New Line in Jharkhand

Shri Piyush Goyal also flags off Godda- New Delhi Humsafar special train from Godda

“With this new Hansdiha-Godda Rail line, the area would develop at a faster pace generating more employment opportunities, in future, Kisan Rail may be started to send the produce of farmers from this area”- Shri Goyal

Ensuring all round progress of Jharkhand, Minister of Railways, Commerce & Industry and Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Shri Piyush Goyal today dedicated Hansdiha - Godda New Line to the Nation and flagged off Godda- New Delhi Humsafar special train through video conferencing. This new line will benefit in better transportation facility, cost effective and quicker movement of commodities and will give impetus to social-economic development in Dumka & Godda in Jharkhand. During the event, Chairman & CEO, Railway Board, Shri Suneet Sharma and other dignitaries were present virtually.

Speaking o­n the occasion, Shri Piyush Goyal said, “Jharkhand is famous for minerals and many holy places, Indian Railways is contributing in turning its potential to reality. This project Hansdiha - Godda was approved in 2011, however no progress was made until 2014. In 2014, when Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi reviewed the projects, it was disclosed that land was not acquired for this project. Upon the direction of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, a swift progress was made o­n this new line project. Till now, this project has attracted an investment of Rs 550 Cr. With this new Hansdiha - Godda Rail line, the area would develop at a faster pace generating more employment opportunities, in future, Kisan Rail may be started to send the produce of farmers from this area.”

Shri Goyal also added that presently 36 Rail projects are being executed in Jharkhand with the investment of Rs 20,000 Cr. He expressed that Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor which passes through Jharkhand would provide impetus to the economy of the state.

Indian Railways strives towards providing new infrastructure, enhancing capacity of its network and providing better facilities to the esteemed customers. Towards this goal, Indian Railways has commissioned Hansidiha – Godda new line projects in Jharkhand. Total expenditure of Rs.663 crores has been spent for the development of infrastructure work and providing passenger amenities in the State of Jharkhand.

Commissioning of Hansdiha – Godda new line remained a long pending demand of common people of Jharkhand. This will accelerate infrastructure building and connectivity enhancement for this part of State. Total length of the new line project is 32 km, which runs through Godda and Dumka districts of Jharkhand. Total No. of stations in the new line project of Jharkhand is five – Hansdiha, Gangwara, Poreyahat, Kathwan and Godda. Infrastructure development and passenger amenities have been augmented in all the five stations. The speed potential of this 32 km new stretch is 120 km per hour. While commissioning the new line project, two major bridges and thirty-three minor bridges have been constructed.

Hansdiha - Godda Railway line is a Coal Priority Project and Railways taken all possible steps for speedy completion of the project keeping in view the movement of industrial inputs like coal and rapid development of business and industries as well as employment generation in Jharkhand.

Further, introduction of train services in this new line will benefit commuters to proceed to Capital of India i.e. Delhi. Introduction of this new superfast Humsafar Express train from Godda to New Delhi will facilitate passengers’ comfortable journey to New Delhi via Bhagalpur.

Chief Public Relations Officer


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