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Train Schedule & Fare
Kochuveli to Nilambur road | Distance-387Kms | Travel Time 11:00Hrs | Avg Speed 35Km/Hr

Fare Approx

S.noCodeStn NameArr.Dep.HaltDisDay
3QLNKOLLAM JN21:4221:453:00591
5KYJKAYANKULAM JN22:3322:352:001001
11ERNERNAKULAM TOWN01:2501:305:002172
15SRRSHORANUR JN05:3006:0030:003212
23NILNILAMBUR ROAD07:50Destination3872
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604/2019-20 21-03-2020

In continuation of earlier Press Release No.603 of date where List of Cancelled Trains from Chennai Division (Except Suburban) were given, the following are the list of cancelled trains in the other five divisions of Southern Railway o­n 22nd March 2020 during the Janata Curfew i.e., 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM o­n 22-03-2020 (Sunday)


01.Train No.16303 Ernakulam – Trivandrum Express

02.Train No.16305 Ernkulam – Kannur Express

03.Train No.12678 Ernakulam – Bangalore Express

04.Train No.12617 Ernakulam – Nizamuddin Express

05.Train No.22607 Ernakulam – Banaswadi Express

06.Train No.12977 Ernakulam – Alleppey Express

07.Train No.12224 Ernakulam – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express

08.Train No.16188  Ernakulam – Karaikkal Express

09.Train No.16650  Nagercoil – Mangalore Express

10.Train No.16352 Nagercoil – Mumbai CST Express

11.Train No.12690 Nagercoil – Dr MGR Chennai Central Express

12.Train No.17236 Nagercoil – KSR Bengaluru Express

13.Train No.22667 Nagercoil – Coimbatore Express

14.Train No.16302  Trivandrum – Shoranur Express

15.Train No.12076 Trivandrum – Kozhikkode Express

16.Train No.17229 Trivandrum – Hyderabad Express

17.Train No.16346 Trivandrum – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express

18.Train No.12625 Trivandrum – New Delhi Kerala Express

19.Train No.22628 Trivandrum – Tiruchchirappalli Express

20.Train No.12082 Trivandrum – Kannur Express

21.Train No.12696 Trivandrum – Dr MGR Chennai Central Express

22.Train No.16842 Trivandrum – Guruvayur Express

23.Train No.16304  Trivandrum – Ernakulam Express

24.Train No.16604  Trivandrum – Mangalore Express

25.Train No.16629 Trivandrum – Mangalore Express

26.Train No.22208 Trivandrum – Dr MGR Chennai Central Express

27.Train No.16343  Trivandrum – Madurai Express

28.Train No.16347  Trivandrum – Mangalore Express

29.Train No.16382  Trivandrum – Mumbai CST Express

30.Train No.16525 Kanniyakumari  –KSR Bengaluru Island Express

31.Train No.12634 Kanniyakumari – Chennai Egmore Express

32.Train No.12634 Kanniyakumari – Chennai Egmore Express

33.Train No.12202 Kochuveli – Lokmanya Tilak Terminal Express

34.Train No.19261 Kochuveli – Porbandar Express

35.Train No.16316 Kochuveli – Mysore Express

36.Train No.16349 Kochuveli – Nilambur Rajya Rani Express

37.Train No.16841 Guruvayur – Trivandrum Express

38.Train No.16128 Guruvayur – Chennai Egmore Express

39.Train No.16307 Alleppey – Kannur Express

40.Train No.22640 Alleppey – Dr MGR Chennai Central Express

41.Train No.16102 Kollam – Chennai Egmore Mail

42.Train No.12624 Trivandrum – Chennai Mail

43.Train No.16724 Kollam – Chennai Egmore Ananthapuri Express 

44.Train No.13352 Alleppey – Dhanbhad/Tata Express

45.Train No.12659 Nagercoil- Shalimar Gurudev Express

46.Train No.12512 Trivandrum – Gorakhpur Raptisagar Express

47.Train No.12515 Trivandrum – Silchar Express


1.    Train No 16185 Chennai Egmore – Velankanni  Express

2.    Train No 16866 Thanjavur -  Chennai Egmore Uzhavan Express

3.    Train No 16186 Velankanni – Chennai Egmore Express

4.    Train No 22627 Tiruchchirappalli – Trivandrum Central Express

5.    Train No 16796 Tiruchchirappalli – Chennai Egmore Express

6.    Train No 16234 Tiruchchirappalli – Mayiladuturai Jn Express

7.    Train No 17408 Mannargudi –Tirupati Express

8.    Train No 16615 Mannargudi –Coimbatore Jn Chemmozhi Express

9.    Train No 16187 Karaikal – Ernakulam Jn Express

10. Train No 16176 Karaikal – Chennai Egmore Express

11. Train No 16233 Mayiladuturai Jn – Tiruchchirappalli Express

12. Train No 12083 Mayiladuturai Jn- Coimbatore Jn Jan Shatabdi Express

13. Train No 16231 Mayiladuturai Jn – Mysore Jn Express

14. Train No 16116 Puducherry –Chennai Express

15. Train No 17414 Puducherry – Tirupati Express  

16. Train No 16861 Puducherry – Kanyakumari Express CAPE Express

17. Train No 11006 Puducherry -  Dadar Chalukya Express


1.    Train No 16649 Mangalore Central – Nagercoil Parusuram Express

2.    Train No 16160  Mangalore Central – Chennai Egmore  Chennai Express

3.    Train No 16605 Mangalore Central – Nagercoil Ernadu Express

4.    Train No 22636 Mangalore Central –  Madagon Junction Goa Express

5.    Train No 22609 Mangalore Central – Coimbatore Intercity Expres

6.    Train No 16348 Mangalore Central – Trivandrum Trivandrum Express

7.    Train No 12620 Mangalore-Mumbai LTT Matsyaganda Express

8.    Train No 12686 Mangalore – Dr MGR Chennai Central Express

9.    Train No 16858 Mangalore – Puducherry  Express

10. Train No 16603 Mangalore – Trivandrum Maveli Express

11. Train No 16630 Mangalore – Trivandrum Malabar Express

12.  Train No 22638 Mangalore – Dr MGR Chennai Central West Coast Express

13.  Train No 16308 Kannur – Alleppey Express

14.  Train No 16306 Kannur – Ernakulam Express

15.  Train No 16512 Kannur – KSR Bengaluru Express  

16.  Train No 16528 Kannur – Yesvantpur Express

17.  Train No 12134 Mangalore Junction – Mumbai CSTM  SF Express

18.  Train No 16356 Mangalore Junction – Kochuveli Antyodaya Exp

19.  Train No 22652 Palakkad –Dr MGR Chennai Central Palani Express

20.  Train No 16792 Palakkad -  Tirunelveli Jn Palaruvi Express

21.  Train No 16301 Shoranur Jn  -  Trivandrum Venad Express

22.  Train No 16350 Nilambur Road – Kochuveli Rajya Rani Express

23.  Train No 12075 Kozhikode – Trivandrum Central Jan Shatabdi Express

24. Train No.12602 Mangalore – Dr MGR Chennai Central Mail


1.    Train No 22666 Coimbatore Junction- KSR Bengalore City Jn Uday Express

2.    Train No 22616 Coimbatore Junction – Tirupati Express

3.    Train No 12680 Coimbatore Jn –Dr MGR Chennai Central Express

4.    Train No 22610 Coimbatore Jn – Mangalore City Intercity Express

5.    Train No 11014 Coimbatore Jn – Lokmanyatilak Terminal Lokmanya Express

6.    Train No 12647 Coimbatore Jn – New Delhi  Kongu Express

7.    Train No 12244 Coimbatore Jn – Dr MGR Chennai Central  Shatabdi Express

8.    Train No 12084 Coimbatore Jn – Mayaladuturai Intercity Express

9.    Train No 12676 Coimbatore Jn - Dr MGR Chennai Central   Kovai Express

10. Train No 22668 Coimbatore Jn – Nagercoil  Express

11. Train No 12672 Metupalayam  - Dr MGR Chennai Central Nilagiri Express  

12. Train No 22650 Erode – Dr MGR Chennai Central Yercaud Express

13. Train No.22154 Salem – Chennai Egmore Express


1. Train No. 12606 Karaikudi - Chennai Egmore Pallavan Express
2.Train No.16130 Tuticorin - Vanchi Maniyachchi Express
3. Train No.16235 Tuticorin - Mysore Express
4.Train No. 12694 Tuticorin - Chennai Egmore Pearl City Express
5.Train No.22669 Tuticorin - Coimbatore Express
6.Train No. 16106 Tiruchendur- Chennai Egmore Express
7.Train No. 16182 Sengottai - Chennai Egmore Silambu Express
8. Train No.12662 Sengottai- Chennai Egmore Podhigai Express
9. Train No.16852 Rameswaram - Chennai Egmore Express
10. Train No.22662 Rameswaram- Chennai Egmore Express
11.Train No.12636 Madurai - Chennai Egmore Vaigai Express
12.Train No.17616 Madurai - Kacheguda Express
13.Train No.22672 Madurai - Chennai Egmore Tejas Express
14.Train No.16344 Madurai - Thiruvananthapuram Central Amrita Express
15.Train No.12638 Madurai - Chennai Egmore Pandian Express
16. Train No.12632 Tirunelveli - Chennai Egmore Nellai Express
17.Train No.16791 Tirunelveli- Palakkad Palaruvi Express

18. Train No.19567 Tuticorin – Okha Vivek Express

19. Train No.18495 Rameswaram – Bhubhaneswar Express

20.Train No.07686 Rameswaram – Hyderabad Express

21. Train No.06002 Tirunelveli – Tambaram Express

22. Train No.56700 Madurai – Punalur Express 


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75/2019-20 24-05-2019

The abandoned Bridge No 290 (Nagampadom Bow-String-Bridge) at Kottayam yard will be brought down using cribs and cutting in a phased manner by using high capacity cranes o­n Saturday, 25th May 2019 with traffic block from 00.40 hrs of 25.05.19 to 00.40 hrs of 26.05.19(24 hours). The bridge built in 1953 was earlier subjected to unsuccessful implosive method of demolition o­n 27th April 2019. Train services will have changed pattern as detailed below.

Full Cancellation

The following MEMU/Passenger trains will be fully cancelled o­n 24.05.19.

1.Train No. 66310 Kollam-Ernakulam MEMU via Alappuzha.

2.Train No. 56301 Alappuzha-Kollam Passenger.

3.Train No. 56303 Ernakulam-Alppuzha Passenger.

4.Train No. 56391 Ernakulam-Kollam Passenger via Kottayam.

The following Express/MEMU/Passenger trains will be fully cancelled o­n 25.05.19.

1.Train No. 16606  Nagercoil-Mangalore Ernad Express via Alappuzha.

2.Train No. 16605  Mangalore-Nagercoil Ernad Express via Alappuzha.

3.Train No. 16304 Thiruvananthapuram-Ernakulam Vanchinad Express via Kottayam..

4.Train No. 16303 Ernakulam-Thiruvananthapuram Vanchinad Express via Kottayam.

5.Train No. 16649 Mangalore-Nagercoil Parasuram Express via Kottayam.

6.Train No. 16650 Nagercoil-Mangalore Parasuram Express via Kottayam.

7.Train No. 16301 Shoranur-Thiruvananthapuram Venad Express via Kottayam.

8.Train No. 16302 Thiruvananthapuram-Shoranur Vanad Express via Kottayam.

9.Train No. 16792 Palakkad-Tirunelveli Palaruvi Express via Kottayam, Kollam.

10.Train No. 16791 Tirunelveli-Palakkad Palaruvi Express via Kollam, Kottayam.

11.Train No. 66308  Kollam-Ernakulam MEMU via Kottayam.

12.Train No. 66307  Ernakulam-Kollam MEMU via Kottayam.

13.Train No. 66309  Ernakulam-Kollam MEMU via Alappuzha.

14.Train No. 66310  Kollam-Ernakulam MEMU via ALapuzha.

15.Train No. 66302  Kollam-Ernakulam MEMU via Alappuzha.

16.Train No. 66303  Ernakulam-Kollam MEMU via Alappuzha.

17.Train No. 56385  Ernakulam-Kottayam Passenger.

18.Train No. 56390  Kottayam-Ernakulam Passenger.

19.Train No. 56362  Kottayam-Nilambur Passenger.

20.Train No. 56363  Nilambur-Kottayam Passenger.

21.Train No. 56394 Kollam-Kottayam Passenger.

22.Train No. 56393 Kottayam-Kollam Passenger.

23.Train No. 56382 Kayamkulam-Ernakulam Passenger  via Alappuzha.

24.Train No. 56383  Ernakulam-Kayamkulam Passenger via Alappuzha.

25.Train No. 56392  Kollam-Ernakulam Passenger via Kottayam.

26.Train No. 56380  Kayamkulam-Ernakulam Passenger via Kottayam.

27.Train No. 56303  Ernakulam-Alappuzha Passenger.

28.Train No. 56381  Ernakulam-Kayamkulam Passenger via Alappuzha.

29.Train No. 56382  Kayamkulam-Ernakulam Passenger via Alappuzha.

30.Train No. 56301  Alappuzha-Kollam Passenger.

31.Train No. 56300  Kollam-Alappuzha Passenger.

 The following MEMU/Passenger trains will be fully cancelled o­n 26.05.19.

1.Train No. 66307  Ernakulam-Kollam MEMU via Kottayam.

2.Train No. 56300  Kollam-Alappuzha Passenger.

3.Train No. 56302  Alappuzha-Kollam Passenger.

4.Train No. 56380  Kayamkulam-Ernakulam Passenger via Kottayam.

5.Train No. 56393 Kottayam-Kollam Passenger.

6.Train No. 56394 Kollam-Kottayam Passenger.

Partial Cancellation

The following Passenger/Express trains will be partially cancelled

1.Train No. 16350 Nilambur-Kochuveli Rajyarani Express leaving Nilambur o­n 24.05.19 will be partially cancelled between Shoranur-Kochuveli.

2.Train No. 16349 Kochuveli-Nilambur Rajyarani Express scheduled to leave Kochuveli o­n 25.05.19 will be partially cancelled between Kochuveli-Shoranur Jn. and hence the train will start its journey from Shoranur Jn..

3.Train No. 16307 Alappuzha-Kannur Express will be partially cancelled between Alappuzha-Ernakulam Jn o­n 25.05.19.

4.Train No. 16308 Kannur-Alappuzha Express will be partially cancelled between Ernakulam Jn-Alappuzha o­n 25.05.19.

5.Train No. 56365  Guruvayur-Punalur Passenger will be partially cancelled between Ernakulam Town and Punalur o­n 25.05.19.

6.Train No. 56365  Guruvayur-Punalur Passenger will be partially cancelled between Ernakulam Town and Punalur o­n 25.05.19.

7.Train No. 56366  Punalur-Guruvayur Passenger will be partially cancelled between Punalur and Ernakulam Town o­n 25.05.19.

8.Train No. 56366  Punalur-Guruvayur Passenger will be partially cancelled between Punalur and Ernakulam Town o­n 25.05.19.

9.Train No 56304 Nagercoil-Kottayam Passenger will be short terminated at Chingavanam o­n 25.05.19.

Train Diversion via Alappuzha

The following long distance train services will be diverted between Kayamkulam Jn. and Ernakulam, to run via Alappuzha skipping its scheduled stoppages at Mavelikara, Chengannur, Thiruvalla, Changanassery, Kottayam, Ettumanur, Vaikam Road, Piravam Road and Trippunithura(in both directions). These diverted trains will be provided additional temporary stoppage at Ernakulam Jn, Alappuzha,  Cherthala, Ambalapuzha and Haripad. Passengers with confirmed tickets from any of the skipping stations may board from the stations mentioned above.

1.Train No. 06335 Guwahati-Kochuveli Special leaving Guwahati o­n 22.05.19.

2.Train No. 12626 NewDelhi- Thiruvananthapuram Kerala Express leaving New Delhi o­n 23.05.19.

3.Train No 16381 Mumbai CSMT-Kanniyakumari Express leaving Mumbai CSMT o­n 23.05.19

4.Train No. 12201 Lokmanyatilak-Kochuveli Garibrath Express leaving Lokmanyatilak o­n 23.05.19

5.Train No. 16320 Banaswadi-Kochuveli Humsafar Express leaving Banaswadi o­n 23.05.19.

6.Train No. 17230 Hyderabad-Thiruvananthapuram Sabari Express. Leaving Hyderabad o­n 24.05.19

7.Train No. 12623 MGR Chennai Central-Thiruvananthapuram Mail leaving MGR Chennai Central o­n 24.05.19

8.Train No. 16526 KSR Bengaluru-Kanniyakumari Island Express leaving KSR Bengaluru o­n 24.05.19

9.Train No. 16630 Mangalore-Thiruvananthapuram Malabar Express leaving Mangalore o­n 24.05.19

10.Train No. 16348 Mangaluru-Kochuveli Express leaving Mangaluru o­n 24.05.19

11.Train No. 16349 Kochuveli-Mangaluru Express leaving Mangaluru o­n 24.05.19

12.Train No. 16344 Madurai-Thiruvananthapuram Amritha Express leaving Madurai o­n 24.05.19

13.Train No. 12695 MGR Chennai Central-Thiruvananthapuram Superfast Express leaving MGR Chennai Central o­n 24.05.19

14.Train No. 22653 Thiruvananthapuram-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram central o­n 25.05.19

15.Train No. 17229 Thiruvananthapuram-Hyderabad Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram central o­n 25.05.19

16.Train No. 16382 Kanniyakumari-Mumbai CSMT Express leaving Kanniyakumari o­n 25.05.19

17.Train No. 12625 Thiruvananthapuram-New Delhi Kerala Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram central o­n 25.05.19

18.Train No. 16525 Kanniyakumari-KSR Bengaluru Island Express leaving Kanniyakumari o­n 25.05.19

19.Train No. 12624 Thiruvananthapuram- MGR Chennai Central Mail leaving Thiruvananthapuram central o­n 25.05.19

20.Train No. 16312 Kochuveli-Sriganganagar Weekly express leaving Kochuveli o­n 25.05.19

21.Train No. 12696 Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai Central Superfast Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram central o­n 25.05.19

22.Train No. 12698 Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai Central Weekly Superfast Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram Central o­n 25.05.19

23.Train No. 16629 Thiruvananthapuram-Mangaluru Malabar Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram central o­n 25.05.19

24.Train No. 12081 Kannur-Thiruvananthapuram Janshatabdi Express leaving Kannur o­n 25.05.19

25.Train No. 06015 Ernakulam-Velankanni Special leaving Ernakulam Jn. o­n 25.05.19

26.Train No. 16319 Kochuveli-Banaswadi Humsafar leaving Kochuveli o­n 25.05.19

Train Regulation

1.Train No. 16347 Kochuveli-Mangaluru Express and Train 16343 Thiruvananthpuam-Madurai Amritha Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram central o­n 25.05.19 will be regulated for 01 hour 30 minutes in Changanassery-Chingavanam section due to line block.

2.Train No 16335 Gandhidham-Nagercoil Weekly Express leaving Gandhidham o­n 24.05.19 will be regulated for 60 minutes at Ettumanur due to line block.

All trains running o­n 25.05.19 may be delayed due to operational reasons. Passengers may call 138 for Information.

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