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Train Schedule & Fare
Sealdah to Saharsa jn | Distance-557Kms | Travel Time 16:25Hrs | Avg Speed 34Km/Hr

Runs On- TUE,,THU
Fare Approx

S.noCodeStn NameArr.Dep.HaltDisDay
2NHNAIHATI JN20:5620:593:00381
3BDCBANDEL JN21:2221:275:00471
4ABKAAMBIKA KALNA22:0122:032:00891
5NDAENABADWIP DHAM22:2622:315:001121
9KGLEKHAGRAGHAT ROAD00:3400:362:002102
10AZAZIMGANJ JN00:5501:0510:002242
11JRLEJANGIPUR ROAD02:0602:082:002592
13NFKNEW FARAKKA JN03:3303:385:003042
14MLDTMALDA TOWN04:3504:4510:003382
17BKRDBHALUKA ROAD F05:3805:402:003842
21KIRKATIHAR JN07:2008:0040:004292
22PRNAPURNIA JN08:5509:1520:004572
23BNKIBANMANKHI JN10:0210:042:004932
25DMHDAURAM MADHPURA11:1311:152:005352
26SHCSAHARSA JN12:35Destination5572
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Kolkata, February 26, 2023:

For construction of Platform no. 2 in connection with doubling work project between Manigram & Nimtita stations in New Farakka-Azimganj section, Pre non-interlocking & Non-interlocking work will be necessary at Ahiran Halt from 26.02.2023 to 02.03.2023. 
Consequently, the following arrangements have been made in train running :—
 o­n 26.02.2023 (Sunday) (Duration of Block - 10.30 hrs. to 14.30 hrs.) : 15643 Kamakhya-Puri Express (Journey Commencing o­n 25.02.2023) will be controlled for 1 hour in Howrah Division. 
 o­n 27 & 28.02.2023 (Monday & Tuesday) (Duration of Block - 10.30 hrs. to 14.30 hrs.) : 13063 Howrah-Balurghat Express will be rescheduled by 1 hour in Howrah Division. 
 o­n 01.03.2023 (Wednesday) (Duration of Block - 10.30 hrs. to 00.30 hrs.) : Cancellation (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023) :  13465/13466 Howrah-Malda Town-Howrah Intercity Express, 03439 Azimganj-Bhagalpur Passenger, 05434 Barharwa-Sahibganj Passenger & 03768 Malda Town-Sahibganj Passenger. Short-termination/short-origination :  03437 Azimganj-Malda Town Passenger will short-terminate at Jangipur Road & will return from Jangipur Road to Azimganj as Passenger Special  05433 Azimganj-Barharwa Passenger will short-terminate at Jangipur Road & will return from Jangipur Road to Azimganj as Passenger Special o­n the path of 03092.  03092 Sahibganj-Azimganj Passenger will short-terminate at Barharwa & will return as Passenger Special at 19.35 hrs. o­n the path of 03439 from Barharwa to Bhagalpur.  13432 Balurghat-Nabadwip Dham Express will short-terminate at Sujnipara & return back to Malda Town as Passenger Special o­n 01.03.2023.  03059/03058 Katwa-Nimtita-Azimganj Passenger will short-terminate at/short-originate from Jangipur Road instead of Nimtita. Rescheduling : 13034 Katihar Jn.-Howrah Express (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023) will be rescheduled by 3 hours from Katihar Jn. Diversion via Gumani-Rampurhat-Barddhaman : 13063/13064 Howrah-Balurghat-Howrah Express (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023), 13141/13142 Sealdah-New Bongaigaon-Sealdah Express (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023), 15959 Howrah-Dibrugarh Kamrup Express (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023), 13170 Saharsa Jn.-Sealdah Hatebazare Express (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023) & 15960 Digrugarh-Howrah Kamrup Express (Journey Commencing Om 28.02.2023). 
 o­n 02.03.2023 (Thursday) (Duration of Block - Upto 06.00 hrs.) : Cancellation (Journey Commencing o­n 02.03.2023) : 03767 Sahibganj-Malda Town Passenger  & 13421 Nabadwip Dham-Malda Town Express. Short-termination/shorts origination : 03057/03060 Azimganj-Nimtita-Katwa Passenger will short-terminate at/short-originate from Jangipur Road instead of Nimtita. Diversion via Gumani-Rampurhat-Barddhaman : 13145 Kolkata-Radhikapur Express (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023) & 13169 Sealdah-Saharsa Jn. Express (Journey Commencing o­n 01.03.2023). 
Inconvenience to be caused to the passengers is deeply regretted.  

N. F. Railway extends experimental stoppages of trains, Weekly special train to run between Kamakhya and Rani Kamalapati

N. F. Railway has decided to continue the all experimental stoppages of trains over N. F. Railway until further advice. The experimental stoppages continuing at present, for the benefit of passengers are as under-

ØTrain No. 13163/13164 (Sealdah - Saharsa Jn.), train No. 13169/13170 (Sealdah - Saharsa Jn.) and train No. 13033/13034 (Howrah – Katihar) at Kumedpur.

ØTrain No. 12377/12378 (Sealdah - New Alipurduar) at Dalkolha and Samsi.

ØTrain No. 13161/13162 (Kolkata - Balurghat) at Rampur Bazar and Eklakhi.

ØTrain No. 13149/13150 (Alipurduar Junction - Sealdah) at Banarhat.

ØTrain No. 15657/15658 (Kamakhya - Delhi) at Samsi.

ØTrain No. 15463/15464 (Balurghat - Siliguri Junction) at Naksalbari.

ØTrain No. 22611/22612 (Chennai Central - New Jalpaiguri Jn.) at Aluabari Road and Harischandrapur.

ØTrain No. 13281/13282 (Dibrugarh - Rajendra Nagar Terminal) at Mathabhanga and Jalpaiguri Road.

ØTrain No. 13147/13148 (Sealdah - Bamanhat) at New Maynaguri.

ØTrain No. 15905/15906 (Kanyakumari – Dibrugarh) at Mathabanga.

ØTrain No. 12345/12346 (Howrah - Guwahati) at Falakata.

Weekly special train between Kamakhya and Rani Kamalapati 

It has been decided to run o­ne weekly special train between Rani Kamalapati and Kamakhya to clear extra rush of passengers. The special train will run for 5 trips from each direction from 2ndJune and up to 2nd July, 2022.

Train No. 01663 Rani Kamalapati – Kamakhya weekly special will run for 5 trips leaving Rani Kamalapati o­n every Thursday from 2nd to 30th June, 2022. The train will leave Rani Kamalapati at 15:30 hours to reach Kamakhya at 04:30 hours o­n Saturday. In return direction, train No. 01664 Kamakhya – Rani Kamalapati weekly special will run for 5 trips leaving Kamakhya o­n every Saturday from 4thJune to 2nd July, 2022. The train will leave Kamakhya at 07:35 hours to reach Rani Kamalapati at 16:35 hours o­n Sunday.

The details of stoppages and timings of these trains are available o­n IRCTC website and through NTES.Passengers are requested to follow Covid -19 related guidelines issued by the state and central government in the trains and at the stations during their journey.

(Sabyasachi De)


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