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Address: Guntur Junction Railway Station, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Station Code: GNT

Station Name: GUNTUR JN

Zone: SCR/South Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 196

Station Traffic: High

Address: Sai Baba nagar, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh 518502, India

Station Code: NDL

Station Name: NANDYAL

Zone: SCR/South Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 38

Station Traffic: Low

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TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTimeDaysClasses
22883PURI YPR G RATHGNT06:25NDL11:204:55SA3A
22831HWH SSPN EXPRESGNT11:50NDL17:035:13TH2A,3A,SL,
17211KONDAVEEDU EXP GNT18:05NDL22:454:40M,W,F2A,3A,SL,
18047AMARAVATHI EXP GNT20:00NDL01:005:00TU,W,F,SU2A,3A,SL,
17225AMARAVATHI EXP GNT20:00NDL01:005:00M,TH,SA2A,3A,SL,
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SCR completed Electrification of two major sections of Renigunta – Guntakal and Lingampalli - Wadi on Mumbai route; And prepares for the running of express/passenger trains on Electric traction in these routes shortly.



      A Photograph of a Goods Train running with Electric Locomotive o­n Electric Traction

     South Central Railway has completed the electrification works o­n 2 major sections situated o­n Mumbai route. These are – 310 kms long Renigunta to Guntakal section o­n Chennai – Mumbai route; and 161 kms long Lingampalli to Wadi section o­n Secunderabad - Mumbai route. The energization of the last legs in these sections   this week marks a giant step forward in the progressive electrification of all major routes o­n SCR. 

Renigunta – Guntakal Section:

            The Electrification of this key route was sanctioned in FY 2004-05. Works started from Renigunta and the track between Renigunta and Muddanur (180 kms) was gradually electrified in various phases during the period 2008-12.  Subsequently, works have been taken up in the remaining stretch from  Muddanur to Guntakal (130 kms).The last leg o­n this route, a 30 kms long Gooty – Guntakal section, has been charged o­n 5th December, 2013, enabling running of goods trains o­n electric traction seamlessly from Chennai/Krishnapatnam ports to Guntakal. At present, 50 goods trains are being run o­n an average per day in this section. Complete electrification o­n this section will give boost to the freight traffic, especially to the movement of the commodities - coal, iron ore and cement via this route. 

            While the works o­n Renigunta to Nandaluru section (87 kms) were executed by Railway Electrification unit Chennai, the works from Nandaluru to Guntakal (223 kms) were taken up by M/s.Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL).  Express/passenger trains will also be run directly up to Guntakal o­n this route after getting clearance from the Commissioner of Railway Safety, who is likely to inspect the Muddanur – Guntakal section in January, 2014.  The total expenditure o­n this challenging electrification project, spread over 310 route kms (736 track kms) is around `392 crs. Several infrastructural units like - 22 switching stations; 5 maintenance depots and 5 Traction substations form part of this project.

Lingampalli – Wadi section:

            This electrification project over  161 route kms (411 track kms) was sanctioned in FY 2006-07.  The works commenced from Lingampalli and progressed in a phased manner towards Wadi.  The electrification works o­n Lingampalli – Vikarabad section (50 kms) and Vikarabad – Tandur section ( 41 kms) have gradually been completed in phases during the period from January, 2010 to March, 2011. The electrification of the remaining stretch from Tandur to Wadi (70 kms) has also been completed recently.  The goods lines in the Wadi yard have been energized o­n 11thDecember, 2013, which will facilitate running of goods trains o­n electric traction continuously from Secunderabad to Wadi.  Currently, around 25 goods trains are being operated per day in this route. Provision of electric traction o­n the entire route offers immense scope for improvement of freight traffic, mainly of the movement of commodities – coal, cement and  clinker in this sector.

            The electrification of passenger lines at Wadi station is likely to be completed in January, 2014.  Express/passenger trains will be run with electric engines in Secunderabad – Wadi section after clearance from CRS, which is likely to be in March, 2014.  This prestigious project has been executed by the Railway Electrification unit, Secunderabad, at a cost of around`204 crs.


            At present, South Central Railway has got 41% of its route kms electrified i.e. 2375 route kms,  out of a total of 5810 route kms. In addition, electrification works o­n another major section from Guntakal to Wadi are under active progress and works o­n Guntur to Guntakal route will also be taken up shortly. 

     Running the trains o­n electric traction yields several operational and economic benefits. An extended network of electrified Railway lines will enable seamless running of trains over long distances without any need for loco change from electric to diesel and vice-versa. It reduces the travel time benefiting the passengers and freight customers. Due to lesser detentions, average speed of the goods trains and passenger trains increases, which in turn improves availability of crew. Electric traction offers pollution-free transportation and considerable fuel economy, which is socio-economically beneficial.

            Shri P.K.Srivastava, General Manager/SCR complemented the team of SCR’s officers for the commendable achievement of electrifying the two major sections as mentioned above. The GM advised the officials to speed up the progress of electrification o­n other sanctioned routes also so as to derive the optimal operational benefit. SCR completed Electrification of two major sections of Renigunta – Guntakal and Lingampalli - Wadi o­n Mumbai route; And prepares  for the running of express/passenger trains o­n Electric traction in these routes shortly.


(K.Sambasiva Rao)
Chief Public Relations Officer


No. 517/2013-1410-12-2013
46,814 Persons Penalised for Littering on Railway Premises and Rs 94.3 Lakh Penalty Realised

With a view to ensure hygiene & cleanliness in railway premises and provide pleasant ambience to the passengers, provisions of Indian Railways (Penalties for Activities Affecting Cleanliness at Railway Premises) Rules-2012 were notified in November, 2012. The rules stipulate penalties up to Rs. 500/- o­n  any person / passenger found either littering or spitting or urinating or defecating or pasting posters or dumping garbage o­n railway premises such as railway stations, railway land etc.. 


As per the directions of Shri P.K. Srivastava, General Manager, South Central Railway, the Zone undertook a series of drives and 4558 persons were detected and penalized for committing the offences such as littering, spitting etc., o­n railway premises during the month of November, 2013.  These include 1617 persons in Vijayawada Division, 1037 persons in Guntakal Division, 767 persons in Secunderabad Division, 507 persons in Guntur Division,  432 persons in  Nanded Division and 198 persons in Hyderabad Division. An amount of Rs. 9.2 lakh/- was realized from them towards penalty.


 During the first eight months of the current financial year, i.e., April to November, 2013,  46,814 persons were booked for committing the offence of littering, spitting etc., o­n Railway premises and an amount of Rs. 94.3 lakh was realized from them  towards penalty. 

(K.Sambasiva Rao)
Chief Public Relations Officer


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