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Address: Madharam Road, Karepally, Andhra Pradesh 507122, India

Station Code: KRA

Station Name: KAREPALLI

Zone: SCR/South Central

Total Unique Trains: 2

Train Frequency Weekly: 20

Station Traffic: Low

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PR.No. 440/2014-1514-10-2014
SCR Suffered around Rs. 15.6 Cr. Revenue Loss due to Cancellation of Passenger / Freight Trains due to ‘Hudhud’ Cyclone and Breaches to Track on Visakhapatnam Route

South Central Railway made several changes in the pattern of train services in the wake of ‘Hudhud’ cyclone and also in its aftermath, which caused breaches to railway track at several places between Elamanchili-Narsingpalli-Bayyavaram stations in Visakhapatnam District o­n Vijayawada Division. A large number of express / passenger trains have been cancelled or diverted o­n SCR as a precautionary measure in the interest of safety.

            A total of 94 trains were cancelled; 19 trains were partially cancelled and 74 long distance express trains were diverted via alternate routes o­n SCR during the period from 11th to 14th October, 2014. As far as train services originating from SCR are concerned, 48 trains (33 Express and 15 Passenger) were cancelled; 7 trains (5 Express and 2 Passenger) were partially cancelled; and 8 Express trains were diverted in this period.

            It is estimated that SCR incurred a revenue loss of around Rs. 15.6 Cr in the last 3 days i.e. from 11th to 13thOctober, 2014. SCR suffered a loss of ridership of 5.6 lakh passengers which includes 5.04 lakhs of unreserved passengers and 54, 000 reserved passengers in the last 3 days. It lead to a loss of Rs. 4.6 Cr of passenger earnings consisting of - Rs. 1.4 Cr in unreserved segment and Rs. 3.2 Cr in reserved passenger segment.

            Due to dislocation of train services, the freight operations also got affected o­n SCR during the period from 11th to 13th October, 2014. In this period, the goods loading activities were adversely impacted at various freight terminals such as Kakinada Port, Ravikampadu, Regupalem, Jaggayyapet and Karepalli etc. Commodities like Imported Coal, Fertilizers, Lime stone, Cement and Laterite could not be loaded due to inclement weather and disruption to rail services. It resulted in a loss of loading to the extent of 33 rakes with 1.22 lakh tonnes of freight. The revenue losses incurred in freight segment amounted to around Rs. 11 Cr in the last three days.

(K.Sambasiva Rao)
Chief Public Relations Officer


Seventeen Employees of SCR Honored with “Man of the Month Award” for Alertness and Timely Action to Ensure Safety of Trains

 Shri S.P. Sahu, Chief Safety Officer, SCR gave away the Certificate of Merit and Cash Awards to Seventeen employees who have bagged Man of the Month-September, 2013 Award today i.e., 12thNovember, 2013, at a function held at Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad. Shri John Prasad, Chief Traffic Manager (General & Strategic Planning), SCR, Dy. Chief Safety Officers, Divisional Safety Officers and Safety Counselors were also present o­n the occasion.

  Shri Sahu, while interacting with the awardees, lauded their alertness in detecting  unusual occurrence and prompt action in averting imminent untoward incident which otherwise would have caused damage to railway property, loss of human life and dislocation of train services.  He also counseled them o­n the actions to be taken o­n various kind of emergent situations such as rail breakage, weld failure, failure of  lifting barriers of lever crossing gates, hot axle, obstruction o­n track, smoke emanating from rolling stock etc.,

The awardees expressed their gladness for the recognition they got from the administration in the form of MAN OF THE MONTH AWARD which has boosted their morale and would stimulate other employees involved in train operations to be alert and prompt. 

Man of the MonthAwardees-September:2013 with Citation  

1)  Shri S Khader Basha, Loco Pilot, Guntakal Division: While working T. No. 12163 Dadar- Chennai Express Shri Khader Basha observed a 20 feet long iron rod of 10 mm dia lying o­n the track while Passing  through the Renigunta station. He immediately stopped the train and instructed  Assistant Loco Pilot to remove the same and handed it over to  Deputy Station Manager, Renigunta and thus ensured safe operation of train.

2) Shri Rama Rao, Gangman / Mudhked, Nanded Division:At about 04 40 hours, Shri Rama Rao noticed a weld failure and informed the same to the higher officials immediately. The weld failure was  attended by  Permanent Way Supervisor, Mudhked who imposed Speed Restriction of 30 kmph to ensure safety of train movement.

3) Shri B Tirupathi, Gateman, Adilabad, Nanded Division: While working at the Level Crossing

    Gate, Shri Tirupati noticed a full length Goods train passing through the Level Crossing Gate instead of Coupled Engines as advised by Dy.SS/Adilabad. He immediately alerted all concerned to ensure safety.  

4) Shri Ramesh Ahru, Gateman, Nanded Division: While working at a non-interlocked LC Gate, Shri Ramesh Ahru  alerted the Station Manager / Nagarsol who did not exchange Private Number for the train just rolling out of the station and thus ensured safety.

5) Shri Ch. Rajendar, Gateman, Secunderabad Division: While a goods Train  was negotiating  

 the Level Crossing Gate, Shri Ramesh Ahru noticed hot axle in a wagon and informed all concerned.  The Goods Train was stopped at Ramagundam and the wagon with hot axle was detached at Ramagundam and thus safety of train movement was ensured.


6)  Shri P Konda Babu, Guard, Secunderabad Division: o­n arrival of  Goods Train, he was working, at Karepalli Station, Shri Konda Babu checked the formation and noticed body bulging in o­ne wagon. Immediately, he informed the mattter to  Train Examiner who detached the defective wagon from the train to ensure safety of train movement.

7) Shri V D Rao, Loco Pilot, Secunderabad Division: While working triple light engines, noticed

     rail breakage and informed Deputy Station Superintendent, Pandilaplli who in turn informed 

     Senior Section Engineer(PW) /Chintakani who attended the spot and imposed Speed Restriction of 30 kmph to ensure safety of train movement.

8) Shri N Balaswamy, Guard / Bhadrachalam Road, Secunderabad Division: While working a Goods Train Shri Balaswamy noticed a rail breakage and informed Deputy Station Superintendent/Dornakal who in turn advised Section Engineer (P.Way) / Dornakal who attended the spot and imposed Speed Restriction of 30 KMPH to ensure passenger safety.

9)  Shri K Srinivas, Gateman, Secunderabad Division: While working at the Level Crossing Gate,

     Shri Srinivas noticed Over Head Equipment (OHE) wire hanging 50 meters away from Level Crossing. He informed  the same to Deputy Station Superintendent, Wirur station to inform the OHE staff  who rushed to the spot and found dropping of  anti-tension device. The rectified the same and safety of train operations ensured. 

10) Shri S Nageswara Rao, Gateman, Secunderabad Division: While  o­n duty, Shri Nageswara Rao noticed hot axle in a wagon of  a Goods Train which was passing the Level Crossing Gate. He informed all concerned. The train was stopped at Hasanparthi Station and the defective wagon was detached form the train and thus safety was ensured.

11) Shri Rushikanth, Deputy Station Superintendent, Sulehalli Station, Secunderabad Division: Shri Rushikanth noticed brake binding in RC-165 Goods Train and advised to stop the train at Chittapur Station. At Chittapur, flat tyre was noticed in the train and rectified and thus safety of the train was ensured.

12) Shri T Ramakrishna, Loco Inspector, TRS/Safety, Secunderabad Division: During an  inspection of Mandamari Station, Shri ramakrishna observed hairline crack at a point and crossing which was subsequently replaced by P.Way staff to ensure safety.

13) Shri P Ramakrishna, Assistant Points Man, Nellore, Vijayawada Division: Though he was ‘off’ duty, when Shri Ramakrishna noticed a rail breakage in track at Talamanchi Station Yard, he promptly informed the matter to Deputy Station Superintendent, Nellore who in turn informed Station Manager / Talamanchi. Senior Section Engineer /P.Way/ Bittragunta attended the track and  imposed an Speed Restriction  of 30 kmph. The dedication  and alertness of Shri Ramakrishna helped ensure safe train operation.

14) Shri K Vekateswarlu, Pointsman, Ulavapadu, Vijayawada Division: While exchanging ‘all-right’ signal, Shri Venkateswarlu noticed hot axle in the formation of a Goods train and alerted Guard and Loco Pilot of Goods through walkie-talkie apart from exhibiting danger hand signal. The train was stopped and the defective wagon was detached to ensure safety.

15) Shri M Sriramulu, Keyman, Narsipatnam Road, Vijayawada Division: While a Goods Train was passing, Shri Sriramulu noticed hot axle at a Wagon and communicated the same to Gateman of Level Crossing Gate No. 463/T. Guard and Loco Pilot stopped the train and cleared the section slowly to Gullipadu Station mainline where the wagon was detached and the defective wheels were changed by the Train examining  Staff.

16) Shri A.D.P. Rao, Locopilot,  Vijayawada Division: While working a Goods Train, Shir Rao experienced an abnormality in track and immediately stopped the train and noticed that Anti-Canted Bearing plate with bolt was placed o­n the rail  covered by grass. He informed ‘all-concerned’ through Station Manager / Krishna Canal suspecting sabotage. Immediately, Security, Engineering, Operating and S&T staff rushed to the spot, removed the obstruction and ensured the train to proceed further safely.

17) Shri G Ramakrishna Assistant Loco Pilot,  Vijayawada Division: While working a Goods Train, along with Shri A.D.P. Rao, Locopilot,  experienced abnormality in track and immediately informed the Loco Pilot to stop the train and noticed Anti-Canted Bearing  Plate with bolt was placed o­n the rail duly covered with grass, which was removed subsequently to ensure safety.

(K.Sambasiva Rao)
Chief Public Relations Officer


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