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Address: Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India

Station Code: ALJN

Station Name: ALIGARH JN

Zone: NCR/North Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 492

Station Traffic: High

Address: Agra Cantonment Railway station, Idgah Colony, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India

Station Code: AGC

Station Name: AGRA CANTT

Zone: NCR/North Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 645

Station Traffic: High

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TrainTrain NameFromDepToArrTimeDaysClassesStatus
14320BE INDB EXPRESSALJN15:55AGC19:203:25W2A,3A,SL,GN,14320 Status
14314BE LTT EXPRESSALJN15:55AGC19:203:25SA2A,3A,SL,GN,14314 Status
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North Central Railway reviews Safety, Punctuality, & Infrastructure development through video conference.

North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. 11PR/01/2020Press ReleaseDate: 14.01.2020

North Central Railway reviews Safety, Punctuality, & Infrastructure development through video conference.

On 14.01.2020 a video conference by General Manager Sri Rajiv Chaudhry and Principal head of departments of NCR held with Agra , Allahabad & Jhansi division. Safety in train operation and related issues were top in the Video conference agenda list. North Central railway is o­ne of the major railways where many new assets are being created which includes new lines, doubling, construction of DFC, electrification, auto signaling, yard remodeling etc . These works involve many agencies like Construction wing of NCR , RVNL , DFCCIL , NCRPU etc and most of these works require working near running railway lines thuscalls for verystringent work site safety norms to avoid any possibility of infringement to running train . Speaking o­n work site safety GM Sri Rajiv Chaudhry stressed to maintain highest standards of work site safety by all executing agencies. He categorically instructed divisionssaid that no work near runningtrack be allowed unless approved drawing for the same has been made available by executing agency. Besides safety in train operation, NCR has taken many initiative to improve personal safety of its staff and supervisors working o­n tracks, yards , trains and other work places through provision of proper personal protective equipments to suit need of different job conditions . Moving ahead in this endeavor NCR is now going for miners lamp fitted safety helmet for its trackman and other staff working in yards etc . This rechargeable LED torch light fitted helmet will help in proper visibility during night and being Hands free will enable trackman to discharge his duties in efficient way. This will also help approaching train driver to spot trackman from distance so as whistling can be done to warn trackmen o­n approaching train. Some quantity of such helmets are already procured by divisions and GM Sri Chaudhry advised divisions to provide all night patrolling staff with this useful safety gadgetat the earliest.

On infrastructure development front NCR has recently completed major Electronic Interlocking works at Chirgaon in Jhansi division and Govindpuri in Allahabad division. Allahabad division has also planned yard modification at KANPUR central station which will improve train handling facility at KANPUR and effective length of platform no 2&3 will also increase. GM Sri Chaudhry instructed that detailed planning of the works targeted in next financial year be also done to identify and address any bottleneck in advance. Some of the important works planned o­n NCR during next year include 4th line between Panki - Bhaupur & Maripat - Dadri and 3rd line in Chandari- Chekkri section. North Central Railway has also completed electrification of Chunar - Chopon sectionin 2019 which has increased train running capacity of this section . NCR is now planning to give major input insignaling and track infrastructure ofthis section so as speed in this section can beincreased which will bring substantial capacity increase. With increased utilization of this section super saturated main line between Chunar and Pt. Deen Dayal upadhyay Jn. will get relived to certain extant which will help in improved punctuality of trains .
Discussing punctuality, GM Sri Chaudhry directed that punctuality of trainsneeds to be pulled through concentrated efforts as foggy weather shall be over shortly .He directed that all mail express trains needs to be monitored and reason of punctuality loss of each train be looked into objectively so as requisite action are effected to improve punctuality.


North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. 11PR/01/2020Press ReleaseDate: 10.01.2020



North Central Railway is o­nly Zonal Railway which caters to 10% of total Indian Railways traffic through just 5% of total assets o­n Indian Railways. It is also the o­nly Railway which maintains and operates o­n 58 % of New Delhi-Howrah, 24 % of New Delhi Chennai and 6% of New Delhi- Mumbai, three most important and busiest railway routes. Mobility o­n North Central Railways plays the key role in transportation of passengers and freight from North to East,West and South.It is therefore utmost important that hindrances in train operation due to enroute defects in coaching and freight trains are identified timely and attended promptly to avoid any major traffic interruption.

Despite technological advancement in field of rolling stock maintenance, defects like hot axle, brake binding, hanging parts etc. do occur in few trains which not o­nly cause blockage of the section but also poses safety threat if goes undetected for considerable time period.Conventionally Indian railway have been identifying these defects through experienced and alert Railwamen deployed at rolling in examination points, stations ,end cabins, level crossing gates etc. However, with elimination of manned level gates by road over bridges / road under bridges number of gatemen have reduced substantially and accordingly available eyes for monitoring of moving trains have gone down. During 2019-20 ,75 manned level crossing gates are already replaced by ROB/ RUBs till December,2019 and more than 100 level crossing gates are planned for replacement with ROB/RUBs in 2020 over North Central Railway. Similarly, with increase in number of lines at stations, increase in speed, elimination of end cabins etc. it has become difficult for station staff also to observe all trains.

This situation had to be overcome by technology leveraging where mandatory enroute train examination is automated which is safer, reliable and requires least human intervention. North Central Railway has done pathbreaking and pioneering work in field of automated rolling stock monitoring system by installing first ever fully automatic hot axle and hot wheel(HAHW) detection system at Chunar station of Allahabad division. This system has detected 38 hot axle and 297 brake binding since commissioning in March 2017 to ensure detention free train running in Chunar – Allahabad up main line.Identifying need of more such automation in the field of rolling stock monitoring and boosted up with performance of maiden system installed at Chunar,North Central Railway under the visionary leadership of its General Manager Sri Rajiv Chaudhry worked o­n creating a comprehensive safety grid of automated wayside rolling stock monitoring systems. This system had to be planned in such a way so that trains entering in NCR territory are checked immediately and also at regular interval for their entire run o­n its territory utilizing such automated system. Further system being installed was also required to cover all major defects of rolling stock like Hot Axle, Brake Binding, Hanging Parts etc.

To serve above objectives North Central Railway created a safety grid by judiciously choosing an array of equipments to identify major rolling stock defects and planned them at suitable location for comprehensive safety coverage of its entire stretch o­n Agra, Allahabad and Jhansi divisions. This earnest effort of North Central Railway in right direction has already started showing positive signs as it o­nce again succeeded in installing Indian Railway’s first Hanging Part Detection(HPDS) system, an automated wayside system to identify hanging part in a train and raise alert. First such system of Indian Railway is integrated with existing hot axle and hot wheel detector at Chunar. Commissioned in April -2018, this system capable of identifying defects even at the speed of 130km has already proved its worth by successfully detecting hanging parts in trains to avoid any possible unsafe condition.

North central has also gone for an advanced version of Hot axle and Hot wheel detector termed as ATES (Automatic train examination system). This system has all capabilities of HAHW with additional features of detecting temperature of LHB brake disc and high speed video recording of all undercarriage items in a moving train.

Flat wheel is another abnormal condition in which wheel loses its roundness due to skidding and a localized flat is developed o­n its tread. This flat place exerts high impact load specially at higher speeds and have potential to damage railway track as well as bearings etc. of coaches and wagons.To identify this defect without human intervention NCR has planned WILD at suitable intervals. Wheel impact load detector (WILD) senses impact load coming o­n instrumented portion of track and exactly identifies defective wheel so that further damage to track or rolling stock is avoided.

Moving a notch further North Central Railway has also gone for OMRS (On line monitoring of rolling stock), a combination of hot axle detector and wheel impact load detector based o­n very advanced technology as it identifies defective bearing from healthy o­nes using difference in acoustic pattern generated from bearings of rolling stock o­n run. Being acoustic based it identifies bearing defect in very early stage thus enhanced safety and adequate time margin to plan and detach such rolling stock for bearing attention. Under the overall guidance from its General Manager Sri Rajiv Chaudhry North Central Railway has devised following safety grid in a paradigm shift towards automation in enroute rolling stock defect identification:





UP Line

DN line

Hot axle & hot wheel detector (HAHW)

Detects Hot axle and brake binding without human intervention up to 130 Kmph

Near Chunar

Between Dadri- Azayabpur

Indicated systems at these locations are either installed and working or it is in final stage of installation and commissioning . Besides these , additional systems are proposed and sanctioned under zonal and Railway boards powers to complete the comprehensive safety grid over NCR.

Hanging part detector system(HPDS)

Automatically detects any loose or hanging part in train up to 130 kmph and raises alarm

Near Chunar

Wheel impact load detector (WILD)

Automatically Detects high impact load coming from flat wheel with exact location of wheel in train

Between Chunar- dagmagpur

Between Dadri- Azayabpur

On line monitoring of rolling stock(OMRS)

Combination of acoustic based bearing defect detector and Wheel impact load detector

Near Sarsaul

Near kanchausi

Automatic train examination system(ATES)

Detects hot axle , brake binding (including LHB rakes) and high speed video recording




Once fully implemented, detention to trains o­n account of defects in wagon and coaches shall be a thing of past and this safety grid along with many other initiatives of North Central Railway will pave the way for 100% punctual running of trains o­n this busiest railway of Indian Railway which doesn’t seems a distant dream now.


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