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Address: New colony, Shivlalpur Chungi, Bank Colony, National Highway 121 Ramnagar, Uttarakhand 244715, India

Station Code: RMR

Station Name: RAMNAGAR

Zone: NER/North Eastern

Train Frequency Weekly: 121

Station Traffic: Medium

Address: Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station, Station Road, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Station Code: GKP

Station Name: GORAKHPUR JN

Zone: NER/North Eastern

Train Frequency Weekly: 765

Station Traffic: High

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Nearest From (RMR)RAMNAGAR
(kgm)kathgodam 44Kms from (RMR)RAMNAGAR
(hdw)haldwani 45Kms from (RMR)RAMNAGAR
(lku)lal kuan 53Kms from (RMR)RAMNAGAR

Nearest From GKP
(be)bareilly 429Kms from (GKP)GORAKHPUR JN
(lku)lal kuan 459Kms from (GKP)GORAKHPUR JN
(hdw)haldwani 467Kms from (GKP)GORAKHPUR JN
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Trains short terminated, cancelled, rescheduled and trains short originating on 18.7.2021 due to heavy rains

Trains short terminated, cancelled, rescheduled and trains short originating o­n 18.7.2021 due to heavy rains

Trains short terminated

02106 Gondia – Mumbai special at Nashik Road

07611 Nanded – Mumbai special at Manmad

02272 Jalna – Mumbai special at Manmad

01140 Gadag—Mumbai special at Kalyan

02116 Solapur – Mumbai special at Pune

01412 Kolhapur – Mumbai special at Pune

07317 Hubballi – Mumbai special at Pune

01028 Pandharpur – Dadar special at Pune

02044 Bidar – Mumbai special at Pune

01142 Adilabad – Mumbai special at Igatpuri

02112 Amravati – Mumbai special at Devlali

02170 Nagpur – Mumbai special at Bhusaval

07058 Nanded – Mumbai special Nashik Road

01134 Mangaluru – Mumbai special at Dadar

02194 Varanasi – Mumbai special at Dadar

02321 Howrah – Mumbai special at Dadar

01112 Madgaon – Mumbai special at Diva

Trains cancelled o­n 18.7.2021

02271 Mumbai – Jalna special

02015/02016 Mumbai – Pune specials

02124/02123 Mumbai – Pune specials

02110/02109 Manmad – Mumbai specials

01151 Mumbai – Madgaon special

01007/01008 Mumbai – Pune specials

02109 Mumbai – Manmad special

01029 Mumbai – Kolhapur special

Trains short originating

01301 Mumbai – Bengaluru special from Pune

01113 Mumbai – Madgaon special from Panvel

Trains Rescheduled o­n 18.7.2021

02259 Mumbai – Howrah special at 08.25 hrs

07618 Mumbai – Nanded special at 09.00 hrs

02534 Mumbai – Lucknow special at 10.00 hrs

02469 Mumbai – Howrah special at 19.05 hrs

02103 LTT – Gorakhpur special at 08.05 hrs

02129 LTT – Prayagraj special at 09.00 hrs

05017 LTT – Gorakhpur special at 10.30 hrs

02519 LTT – Kamakhya special at 10.00 hrs

02336 LTT – Bhagalpur special at 11.15 hrs

06345 LTT – Thiruvananthapuram spl at 18.00 hrs

(Shivaji Sutar)
Chief Public Relations Officer


Construction of Major Road Under Bridge (RUB) completed between Gadwal - Sriramnagar stations in Secunderabad – Dhone Section

To enhance safety at Level Crossing gate, South Central Railway is eliminating all the Manned Level Crossing (LC) gates o­n mission mode, following the complete elimination of Unmanned LC gates across its network. In this direction, Hyderabad division of SCR has been successful in elimination of Level Crossing 97E located between Gadwal - Sriramnagar stations in Secunderabad - Dhone section, overcoming major challenges.

In the current financial year, Hyderabad division has eliminated two manned Level crossing gates so far and is progressing well to strengthen safety across its jurisdiction. The LC gate located between Gadwal - Sriramnagar stations is in the close proximity of Krishna River and posed many challenges which were tackled in an effective manner by Team SCR. The construction of RUB in place of LC gate was executed with meticulous planning and the team has adopted advanced technology with necessary safety measures to accomplish the task.

Some of the highlight points are -

· LC gate is located in 2.5-degree curvature. Accordingly, wooden sleepers were laid with perfection o­n the girder.

· Deep excavation was carried out and controlled blasting was done due to presence of hard rock. In addition, Hard rock was used for sound bearing of girder.

· As Krishna River is nearby, continuous dewatering activity was undertaken as the ground water table is almost at ground level.

· Crops are harvested throughout the year (except between April – July) in the fields adjacent to Railway boundary. Hence the work was taken up during this period.

· The work could be completed successfully despite of the heavy rain.

· To ensure additional safety, tamping work was done by Tie Tamping machine for three rounds.

· Adequate measures such as social distancing, wearing of masks etc were also been taken while executing the work.

Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR congratulated Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad and his team of officers and staff involved in undertaking the task. He also appreciated for successful completion of the work in the most efficient manner, with least disturbance to the normal flow of rail traffic even during the pandemic times and adverse environment conditions at a crucial location.


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