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Address: Chennai Central, Periyamet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600003

Station Code: MAS


Zone: SR/Southern

Train Frequency Weekly: 619

Station Traffic: High

Address: Beawar, Rajasthan, India

Station Code: BER

Station Name: BEAWAR

Zone: NWR/North Western

Train Frequency Weekly: 157

Station Traffic: High

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(hup)hindupur 312Kms from (MAS)CHENNAI CENTRAL
(dmm)dharmavaram jn 315Kms from (MAS)CHENNAI CENTRAL

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Press Release No. 43729-11-2021

              दक्षिण पश्चिम रेलवे / SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY                प्रेस विज्ञप्ति / Press Release No. 437 Dt: 29.11.2021


The following trains will be Partially cancelled, regulated due to line block & power block for the work of removal of existing foot over bridge for replacement of new foot over bridge by removing existing Foot Over Bridgeat Kuppam Station yard asdetailed below: -


1.Train No. 06551KSR Bengaluru – Jolarpettai MEMU Special commencing journey from KSR Bengaluru o­n 30.11.2021, 01.12.2021 & 02.12.2021 will be partially cancelled between Bangarapet&Jolarpettai.Accordingly, this train will be short terminated at Bangarapet.

2.Train No. 06552 Jolarpettai – KSR Bengaluru MEMU Special commencing journey from Jolarpettaion 30.11.2021, 01.12.2021 & 02.12.2021 will be partially cancelled between Jolarpettai–Bangarapet.Accordingly, this train will be originated from Bangarapet.


1. Train No. 22497 Shri Ganganagar– Tiruchchirappalli Humsafar            Expresscommenced journey from Shri Ganganagar o­n 29.11.2021 will be regulated for 30 minutes at Tyakal station.

2.Train No. 12577 Darbhanga – Mysuru BagmatiSuperfast Express commencing journey from Darbhanga o­n 30.11.2021 will be regulated for 80 minutes at Mulanur station.

3.Train No. 22626KSR Bengaluru - MGR Chennai Central Double Decker      Express commencing journey from KSR Bengaluru o­n 30.11.2021 & 02.12.2021  will be regulated for 30 minutes at Bisanattam&on 01.12.2021 will  be regulated for 40 minutes at Varadapura.

4.Train No. 12640KSR Bengaluru - MGR Chennai Central Brindavan Express commencing journey from KSR Bengaluru o­n 30.11.2021, 01.12.2021 & 02.12.2021 will be regulated for 30 minutes at Bangarapet.

5.Train No. 12539 Yesvantpur - Lucknow Express commencing journey from Yesvantpur o­n 01.12.2021 will be regulated for 75 minutes at Bisanattam.

                                                                                       Aneesh Hegde        

                                                                                        Chief Public Relations Officer          

                                                                                      South Western Railway, Hubballi

568/2021-22 29-11-2021
Southern Railway’s initiatives in saving wild lives in the Palakkad – Podanur area

On 26-11-21, the tragic incident of three elephants knocked down by train had occurred around 21:00 hours between Walayar and Ettimadai of Palakkad division. The train involved in the incident is  Train no: 12602, Mangalore Central – Dr MGR Chennai Central SF express and it was running o­n A line at the time of the incident. At the location where this incident had happened there is permanent speed restriction of 45 kmph in place from 18:00 hours to 06:00 hours in view of the frequent crossing of wild elephants. It is pertinent to point out that the committee, constituted by Hon’ble National Green Tribunal (NGT), which reviewed the steps taken by Railway and Forest department to contain the mortality of elephants o­n railway tracks had recommended that the Permanent Speed Restrictions of 45 kmph during night hours and 65 kmph during day time shall continue.

The railway line between Palakkad and Podanur is a twin single line known as A line and B line. It was reported in some sections of the media that o­n that day of the incident the train involved should not have run o­n A line. It was incorrect to say so as both the A line and B line can be used for operating trains from either direction. However due to rising gradient of A line towards Podanur side it is difficult to run goods train. Hence taking into account the type of trains run and their load particulars the divisional operating control takes decision as to in which line the train shall be run o­n case to case basis.  In adherence to this operational practice a goods train was run o­n B line at the time of the incident and hence Train no.12602 had to be run o­n A line. It is a matter of fact that in the past more cases of elephant hitting had been reported to have occurred o­n the B line than that of A line and this is more so due to the topographical reasons.

It is hereby stated that Palakkad division of Southern Railway has taken several initiatives and preventive measures to reduce and eliminate the train-elephant collision. They are laid down below:

·Regular clearing of vegetation along the railway tracks to facilitate loco pilots for clear sighting of elephants crossing railway tracks

·Solar fencing at ground level with electric voltage of 12V have been installed to deter elephants from crossing the track

·Elephant ramps have been constructed at suitable locations in Walayar – Ettimadai section in Tamil Nadu at high bank location for passage of elephants without getting entrapped near railway track area

·Widening of cutting/space near track has been done at vulnerable locations in order to provide sufficient space for elephants to move away from railway tracks o­n sighting of trains o­n the track.

·Solar lights have been provided at vulnerable locations to improve visibility for loco pilots

In addition to the above both Kerala and Tamil Nadu forest department have engaged elephant trackers who regularly patrol the railway tracks and communicate the information o­n the movement of the elephants near the track.

Due to such preventive measures and vigilant watch by Southern Railway many incidents of elephant hitting have been averted and precious lives of elephants have been saved. During the year 2020-21 (Till 1st Sep, 2021), 24 incidents of elephants seen near the track have been reported. During the year 2020-21, 2019-20 and 2018-19, 69, 61 and 24 such incidents have been reported respectively.

Southern Railway is also working swiftly and taking measures to implement recommendations made by the Committee, constituted by Hon’ble National Green Tribunal (NGT), which reviewed the steps taken by Railway and Forest department to contain the mortality of elephants o­n railway tracks.

Southern Railway remains committed to take all preventive measures, in coordination with state forest departments, so as to prevent any such unfortunate case of elephants getting hit by trains in future.


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Chief Public Relations Officer


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