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2 Trains from (ALJN)ALIGARH JN to (SHTS)Sambhal Hatim Sarai

Address: Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India

Station Code: ALJN

Station Name: ALIGARH JN

Zone: NCR/North Central

Train Frequency Weekly: 492

Station Traffic: High

Address: SH 43, Chandausi Uttar Pradesh

Station Code: SHTS

Station Name: Sambhal Hatim Sarai

Zone: NR/Northern

Train Frequency Weekly: 43

Station Traffic: Low

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North Central Railway reviews Safety, Punctuality, & Infrastructure position and Roadmap -2020 through video conference.

North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. 11PR/12/2019/Press ReleaseDate:31.12.2019

North Central Railway reviews Safety, Punctuality, & Infrastructure position and Roadmap -2020 through video conference.

On 31.12.19 a video conference by General Manager Sri Rajiv Chaudhry and Principal Head of Departments of NCR held Agra , Allahabad & Jhansi division. In the beginning of video conference new calendar of NCR for year 2020 was unveiled by GM Sri Rajiv Chaudhry along with PHODs of NCR. Calendar of 2020 has focus o­n achievementsof NCR in 2019 and important forte of NCR. After unveiling of calendar safety was first item taken up for review during video conference. GM stressed that counseling of guards needs to be properly structured so as proper track of counseling needs and inputs given can be kept. He said that Guard is very important part of entire safety chain and accountability of guard in ensuring safety needs to be ensured in all divisions . Rationalization of crew link in Mail Express and other high speed trainswas also discussed. GM directed that adequate rest to crew through rationalized crew link must be ensured. Discussing safety of track , GM desired that accurate and adequateplanning of permanent way materialsis essence to process sanction of rails etc. and needs to ensured by all the divisions.
During discussion o­n infrastructure items, GM directed Allahabad division and construction wing that balance work ofTundla Electronic interlocking needs to be completed so as all facilities like additional platform , extended FOB etc. are available to our valued customers o­n priority. Reviewing progress of Line Sah Baba FOB work which is a critical work for Magh Mela 2020 ,Sri Chaudhry advised division to complete the work by First Week of Jan -2020. This work for additional ramp o­n power cabin side will allow use of this FOB more effectively with all passenger enclosures thus easier handling of traffic during main bathing days .Reviewing progress of Govindpuri Electronic Interlockingwork , GM advised that progress needs to be pulled up for early commissioning. Discussing operation of goods train o­n electric traction in Chunar - Chopan section GM desired that more goods trains o­n electric traction needs to be run in this section to ease out main line between Chunar- Pt DeenDayalUpdhyay Jn. GM Sri Rajiv Chaudhry said that despite many constraints team of officers , supervisors and staff from all three divisions and HQ performed par excellence in 2019 o­n all fronts like infrastructure creation , punctuality improvement, successful conduct of Kumbh-2019 etc. and stressed that our focus from safety must not be lost in 2020 as well. Performance of NCR in improving punctuality and infrastructure creation has been exceptionally good in 2019 and its efforts were recognized at highest level duringRailway week award function 2019 held at Umbala.Sri Chaudhry added that 2020 brings newer and stiffer challenges and called upon all Officersand staffto put their best forward to surpass stipulated targets.:

Some of the important works targeted by North Central Railway in 2020 are:

A.Completion of balance 50 Km fencing/ boundary wall in Agra – Palwal section under Agra division which will help immensely in safe and detention free train operation. Gatiman express with maximum speed of 160 Kmph operate in this section and it is fastest train of India.

B.Elimination of manned level crossing is thrust area and NCR shall be replacing 100 manned LCs with ROB 10 Road over Bridges and balance Road under bridgesin 2020.This will substantially improve safety and punctuality in train operation.

C.10 Foot over bridges are planned over NCR for improved safety and passenger amenity.

D.NCR has planned doubling of 110km while it has ambitious target of 118kms and 67 kms. for tripling and quadrupling respectively.

E.To run longer trains NCR is constructing longer loop lines and 07 such longer loops to accommodate two goods trains simultaneously in o­ne loop line are targeted in the year 2020.

F.With commissioning of washing lines at Subedarganj and other works NCR plan to develop it as satellite station from where trains can be originated .

G.Important yard remodeling works at Yamuna Bridge , Kanpur , Manikpuretc are targeted which will add to traffic handling capacity .

H.With targeted auto signaling between Allahabad- Kanpur in 2020 , Entire main line between Gaziabad – Pt. DeendayalUpdhyayJn. shall be with auto signaling thus enhanced capacity for train handling o­n trunk route of New Delhi-Howrah .

I.All qualifying 221 stations of NCR shall be covered under WiFi.

J.Balance mail express trains of NCR shall be converted to LHB stock for enhanced capacity , comfort, speed and safety .

K.With commissioning of more sections of DFC , more goods trains shall be diverted to DFC routes thus enhanced capacity and punctuality for passenger trains.

L.Work o­n 160 Kmph up gradation of New Delhi-Howrah and New Delhi-Mumbai route will start .

M.NCR will march ahead to complete 100% electrification which targeted by 2021.

N.NCR will be making important headway for ETCS level-2 advanced cab signaling system between Bamharuli to Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay jn.

O.More than 10 Electronic interlocking works adding traffic handling capacity and safety are planned in 2020.

P.07 escalators are planned at Allahabad , Aligarh and Tundla.

Q.12 lifts are planned at Allahabad , Kanpur , Vindyachal , Jhansi , Gwalior , Mathura , raja Ki Mandi etc .

Gandhi Jayanti as community day celebrated over North Central Railway in befitting manner.

North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. 11PR/10/2019/Press ReleaseDate: 02.10.2019

Gandhi Jayanti as community day celebrated over North Central Railway in befitting manner

Swachhata Hi Seva campaign launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi o­n 11.09.19 at Mathura concluded in splendid fashion with observing Gandhi Jayanti as Community Day all over North Central Railway o­n 02.10.19. During the Swachhata Pakhwara an array of activities for cleanliness, awareness, plantations etc. were organized o­n NCR headquarters and in all three divisions Agra, Allahabad and Jhansi as per following schedules with specific focus o­n each work area of Railways:





Swachh Awareness

Swachhta pledge administered to Railway officers, staff and SafaiKarmcharis followed by Swachhta Awareness rally by Bharat Scouts and Guides and Railway Officers and staff.


Swachh Samvad (cleanliness dialogue/Public

Seminar/Workshop organized o­n sanitation and upkeep of Railway colonies and other Institutions o­n Railway premises.


Swachh Samvad (Cleanliness dialogue/inhouse)

Anti littering notices and awareness posters displayed at important places.

19 & 20.09.19

Swachh Stations

The nominated officers inspected and organized intensive cleanliness drives at A1, A and other category stations.

21 & 22.09.19

Swachh Railgadi

The nominated Officers inspected and organized intensive cleanliness drives for important originating and passing through trains o­n NCR.


Swachh Parisar (Clean Work place & clean Residential premises)

Intensive cleaning drive at work places, colonies, rest houses etc.

24 & 25.09.19

Swachh Ahar

Intensive cleaning of Canteens, food stall, kitchen etc. Quality of food also checked.

26 & 27.09.19

Swachh Neer

Water supply of stations and colonies intensively checked.


Swachh Prabandhan

Inspection and intensive cleaning of toilets at station, offices etc.


Swachh Completion

Essay competition for Railway staff, children of Railway staff/officers etc.


Review/ Briefing

The works done during SwachhataPakhwara reviewed and reports made. Regular media briefing, information sharing trough social, electronic media ensured.


Community Day

Pledge to cut use of plastic, Ban o­n single use plastic at stations and Shramdan at Stations and in Colonies organized.

Gandhi Jayantihas been observed across the North Central Railwayas community day with special thrust to cut downuse of plastic articles. Some of the notable events held o­n 02.10.19 over North central railway are as under:

1.Pledge to cut down use of plastic article administered to Railway employees by General Manager Sri Rajiv Chaudhry at headquarters office . Similar oath taken at all divisional offices and at stations .

2.Mobile and Web based application “NIRMAL NCR”launched by GM Sri Chaudhry . Cleanliness monitoring application have facility of uploading cleanliness Picture & videos by concerned supervisor for effective monitoring. Passenger can also use this app for feedback / complaint related to cleaning. This app has provision of feedback to passenger o­nce their complaint is attended. This also has provision of monitoring compliance of NGT guidelines for Railway Stations o­n NCR .GM Sri Rajiv Chaudhry mentioned during launch that “NIRMAL NCR” is far more advanced as compared to similar pan Indian Railways app MADAD as NIRMAL NCR is equipped with feature of geotagged photograph to exactly pin point area requiring cleaning attention and better customized reports for effective monitoring.

3.Shramdans to weed out plastic waste were organized at headquarters office, in various railway colonies, stations and in divisional offices across this Railway. In the Shramdan organized at NCR HQ, GM Sri Chaudhry, all Principal head of Departments of NCR , other officers , staff and supervisors participated in large number and substantial plastic waste collected and sent for proper disposal and recycling .

4.Later during the day GM Sri Chaudhry inaugurated Heritage, Station and Mahatma Gandhi galleries at Allahabad Jn. Station . He also inaugurated digital museum at Jn station which is an digital platform for sharing information related to life of Mahatma Gandhi as well as rich heritage of Indian Railways . Digital galleries are also commissioned at Allahabad Cheoki , Kanpur & Etwah stations of Allhabad division , Mathura & Agra Cantt.Stations o­n Agra division while Jhansi,Chirgaon , Lalitpur , Mauranipur & Talebhat o­n Jhansi division .

5.NCR has also developed 09 nurseries near railway track at Mirzapur , Chandari, Aligarh , Raja Ki Mandi, Agra Cantt, Etmadpur, Lalitpur , Banda & Gohad .Railway Board had set the target of commissioning of 150 nurseries o­n railway land before 02.10.19, NCR has surpassed the expectations of Railway board by developing 09 nurseries against target of 08.

6.Nukkad Natak and other awareness program o­n cleanliness and controlling menace of plastic waste were organized at many stations. Nukkad Natak organized by Srijan Kala Samiti at Allahabad Jn station o­n plastic waste was appreciated passengers as well as officials of NCR .

7.Mass awareness drives in print , radio ,social & electronic mediawere carried out throughout the Swachhata Hi Seva campaign through regular inputs . Under o­ne of such campaign,radio jockeys came at Allahabad and Kanpur stations for interacting and motivating passengers o­n cleanliness , water conservation and control o­n plastic waste etc.


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