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Allahabad jn to New delhi | Distance-634Kms | Travel Time 7:55Hrs | Avg Speed 90Km/Hr

Runs On- SUN,,TUE,,THU
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S.noCodeStn NameArr.Dep.HaltDisDay
2NDLSNEW DELHI06:15Destination6342
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Incomparable and Amazing Allahabad-New Delhi Humsafar Express of Indian Railways

North Central Railway

DivisionalRailway Manager’s Office

Public Relation Branch

Civil Lines, Allahabad

Lt.No- PR/September/2019Date 13.09.2019

Press Release

Incomparable and Amazing Allahabad-New Delhi Humsafar Express of Indian Railways

Railway administration would like to inform that Allahabad Division of North Central Railway is constantly striving to provide better facilities to its esteemed passengers. In this series, Allahabad Division commences the operations of o­ne of its own kind Humsafar Express with 04 sleeper coaches along with 16 3AC coaches and having all modern facilities for passengers, from today, i.e. 13.09.2019.

However, according to the structure of Humsafar Express, o­nly 3AC coaches are installed in Humsafar Express but o­n special request of Divisional Railway Manager and General Manager North Central Railway Allahabad, special train is given by Railway Board and to provide special facilities to residents of Prayagraj in train No12275/76 and 22437/38 Humsafar Express going from Allahabad to New Delhi and Anand Vihar respectively will have 16 3AC and 04 sleeper coaches. Earlier, Duronto Express ran for three days from Allahabad to New Delhi and Humsafar Express ran for three days from Allahabad to Anand Vihar. Now increasing the operation frequency Humsafar Express will run o­n every day from 13.09.2019 o­nwards, for the convenience of passengers.

Train No. 12275 Humsafar Express going from Allahabad to New Delhi will depart from Allahabad every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 22:20 and reach New Delhi at 06:15 am the next day. 22437/38 Humsafar Express going from Allahabad to Anand Vihar will depart from Allahabad at 22:20 every Monday, Thursday and Saturday and reach Anand Vihar at 06:05 am the next day.Humsafar Express with sleeper coach will be able to carry more passengers and instead of 120 km/h speed, it will now operate at 130 km/h, i.e. it will take less time to reach New Delhi and Anand Vihar, saving passengers time. Coaches of Humsafar Express have been made more comfortable, advanced and safe.

TrainNo. 12275 Allahabad-New Delhi Duronto Express used to have 01 coach of 1AC, 02 coaches of 2AC, 05 coaches of 3AC and 09 coaches of sleeper with a total of 1260 berths available and TrainNo. 22437/38 Allahabad-Anand Vihar Humsafar Express So far, had 18 3AC coaches in which 1296 berths were available. Now Humsafar Express going from Allahabad to New Delhi and Anand Vihar will be have 16 coaches of3AC and 04 sleeper coaches with effect from 13.09.2019, thus a total of 1472 berths will be available every day. Now in 12275 Allahabad-New Delhi Humsafar Express 212 more passengers can travel and in Train No.22437 Allahabad-Anand Vihar Humsafar 176 more passengers can travel.

Humsafar Express coaches are equipped with modern facilities and are completely safe, in the event of an accident, its coaches do not climb o­n each other and do not cling to each other and use of these coaches will also save energy. To enhance the beauty of the coach, excellent vinyl graphics painting has been done outside the coach and GPS based passenger information system has been installed inside all coach at both the ends, which will give the real time location information of the train and the actual distance to the next station. In addition, three odor control systems have also been installed in the corridor of each coach.

 For the safety of passengers, 06 CCTV cameras have been installed in the entrance and corridor of each coach. A total of 14 smoke and heat detection systems have been installed in each coach which will sound an audio visual alarm to alert the passengers in the event of a fire and the emergency brake will be applied automatically. In addition, the power-cars are also equipped with fire-suppression system.

Humsafar Express is equipped with bio-toilets, which have plush interior equipped with new soap dispenser and odor control system. Toilets are equipped with best quality toilet fittings, occupancy indicators and for the convenience of women passengers travelling with new born, separate child protection seat have been provided in o­ne toilet of each side of coach. Fire retardant curtains and excellent quality Rexene o­n berths, separate mobile/laptop charging points and reading lamps have been installed at all berths. Apart from this, better arrangements have been made for passengers of upper berths to climb. Berth numbers for visually impaired passengers are also written in Braille script and fire extinguishers have been installed in all coaches along with dustbins in the toilet and gangway area.

A Digital Rail Museum has been created to make passengers aware of the magnificent heritage of Indian Railways. Under which, QR code given in the posters o­n the walls of the coaches which can be scanned using a mobile scanner app from a smart phone to get virtual 3D information of the legacy in the phone. o­n the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, his association with the Indian Railways are depicted in the gangway area of ​​coaches with the help of pictures. Allahabad Division of North Central Railway will be constantly providing better and modern facilities to its esteemed passenger

Train no 12275/76 Allahabad - New Delhi Humsafar Express (4 days a week) and Train no. 22437/38 Allahabad - Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express (3 days a week) 4 additional sleeper coaches

North Central Railway


Public Relations


No. PR/09/2019Press ReleaseDate: 06.09.2019

North Central Railway has always been making efforts to ensure better services for its esteemed customers. Keeping this in view, the General Manager North Central Railway Shri Rajiv Choudhry made special efforts for the availability of 'Sleeper class coaches in Humsafar Express'. As a result of these efforts of the General Manager & for the convenience of the people of Prayagraj, Railway Board agreed to the proposal of attaching sleeper coaches in Humsafar Express in less than 24 hours despite there was no policy to do so at present.

Now Train no 12275/76 Allahabad - New Delhi Humsafar Express (4 days a week) and Train no.22437/38 Allahabad - Anand Vihar Terminal Humsafar Express (3 days a week) has been provided with 4 additional sleeper coaches in the current composition of 2 power cars and 18 air-conditioned three tier coaches. This will benefit about 320 passengers traveling in the sleeper o­n daily basis.The changed composition is as follows: -

Train No.

Existing Composition

Revised Composition



GENERATOR CAR-02 + 3 TIER AC-18 = 20 coach (LHB)

GENERATOR CAR-02 + 3 TIER AC-16 + SLEEPER -04 = 22 coach (LHB)

13.09.2019 ex. Allahabad


14.09.2019 ex. New delhi


GENERATOR CAR-02 + 3 TIER AC-18 = 20 coach (LHB)

GENERATOR CAR-02 + 3 TIER AC-16 + SLEEPER -04 = 22 coach (LHB)

14.09.2019 ex. Allahabad


15.09.2019 ex. Anand Vihar term.

 Note: The above revised composition for these trains Journey Commencing o­n ex Allahabad from 23.10.19 to 30.10.19 and Journey Commencing o­n ex New Delhi/Anand Vihar Term. from 24.10.19 to 31.10.19 will beas under –

GENERATOR CAR-02 + 3 TIER AC-18 + SLEEPER -04 = 22 coach (LHB)

During this period Allahabad-Anand Vihar Special train will be run with sleeper coaches to compensate these two sleeper coaches.

Besides this, it is also pertinent to mention that this train will operate at a maximum speed of 130 km per hour instead of the maximum speed of 120 km per hour of Duronto Express running now. This will provide more berths for passengers, along with saving of time through higher speed, as well as the full LHB coaches of Humsafar Express are more comfortable, advanced and safer than the hybrid coaches of Duronto.


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