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Address: Darjeeling Rly Station, Hill Cart Road, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101, India

Station Code: DJ

Station Name: DARJEELING

Zone: NFR/Northeast Frontier

Train Frequency Weekly: 107

Station Traffic: Medium

Address: Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

Station Code: DQG

Station Name: DHUPGURI

Zone: NFR/Northeast Frontier

Train Frequency Weekly: 123

Station Traffic: Medium

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(sguj)siliguri jn 39Kms from (DJ)DARJEELING
(njp)new jalpaiguri 44Kms from (DJ)DARJEELING

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(njp)new jalpaiguri 57Kms from (DQG)DHUPGURI
(sguj)siliguri jn 61Kms from (DQG)DHUPGURI
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Press Release No. 2020/03Mumbai, 28th March, 2020



Photo caption: Goods train containing rice weighing 2,658 tonnes arrives at Rajkot from Ambala Division. Labourers maintain social distancing while unloading the rice from the train.


Transportation of essential items like medical supplies, medical equipment, food, etc in small parcel sizes is going to be very important during the lockdown period in the wake of COVID19. To mitigate the difficulties to a certain extent, Western Railway has come forward and has decided to open for transportation of essential items such as medical supplies, equipment and food etc.

As stated by Shri Alok Kansal- General Manager of Western Rly, interested parties may contact parcel offices and Divisions to register their indents. Movement will be by parcel trains point to point as per extent rules.

WR has finalized the time table for Parcel Express for commodities such as Milk Product,Edible Oil, Spices , Groceries,and Biscuits are as under:

1.Ahmedabad(KKF) to Sankhrel(SGTY)

2.Bandra Terminus to New Delhi - Ludhiana

3.Bandra Terminus to Muzaffarpur- Darbhanga

4.Kkf to Cuttack

5.Kkf to Jaipur- Delhi -Chandigarh -Ludhiana

6.Karambeli to Chansari -Guwahati


In addition to these, other probable Parcel Cargo trains are under consideration as under :-

A) Indents in pipe line for VP rakes:

1)Dahanu Rd to Bari Brahaman

2)Kankaria toCuttack

3)Kankaria to Sankrail

4)Kankaria to New Jalpaiguri


B) Other probable routes for VP rake movements for which EOIs can be called -

1)KKF : Agra/Kanpur/


3)KKF : Jaipur/Delhi/Chandigarh/Ludhiyana

4)Karambeli to New Guwahati/Azara/Changsari

5)Dahanu Road to Dhupguri


Few more suggested paths can be BDTS to Ludhiana & Ahmedabad to Darbhanga/Muzaffarpur. These probable paths are under consideration & can be finalised subjected to local administration permits movement of trucks and labour handling at originating and terminating points. Talks with concerned traders are also going o­n in this regard. Discussion have been done with M/s CTA Logistics, Western carriers, both Ahmedabad, AMUL products, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF) and Mint logistics Karambele, Vapi for loading of parcels for Time Tabled parcel trains.


Despite cancellation of passenger services, the goods services hasn't come to a total halt and the Railway is ensuring through all possibilities to maintain the supply of essential commodities across all parts of country by making sure that the movement of freight trains takes place so that coal reaches the power houses, food grains are available in the granaries and all essential commodities are available. Western Railway has also planned to introduce timetabled parcel trains for quick transportation of essential commodities across the nation. Here are some other efforts made by Western Railway during the lockdown period from 22nd to 27th March, 2020:

A total of 325 rakes have been used to supply essential commodities such as POL (Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants), salt, cement, coal and containers were loaded amounting to 0.75 million tones.

During the period 879 freight trains were interchanged with other railways including 440 trains handed over and 439 trains had taken over at different interchange points.

Despite shortage of labour, all efforts are being made to unload important stock.

During this period, 6 Millennium Parcel rakes of Parcel Vans/Railway Milk Tankers (RMTs) have been sent to different parts of the country to cope the demands of essential items such as ,milk powder, liquid milk and other general consumer goods:

-Ex Dahanu Road to Bhimsen

-Ex Kakariya to Bhimsen near Kanpur

-Ex Palanpur to Hind Terminal (Palwal)

-Ex Karambeli to New Guwahati

-Ex Palanpur to Hind Terminal

-Ex Palanpur to Hind Terminal

According to a press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar- Chief Public Relations Officer of WRly, recently 42 BCN wagons rake of Goods Train containing rice arrived at Rajkot from Ambala Division. The unloading of this is being done by labours by maintaining social distancing which weighs 2658 tons. Other than these developments, Western Railway has also successfully refunded Rs. 124.62 crores against cancellation of tickets and in Mumbai Division itself refund of Rs. 58.82 crores has been made. Total loss over Western Railway up to 27th March, 2020 has been pegged at Rs 149.95 Cr (inclusive of suburban+ non-suburban). It is noteworthy to mention that suitable monitoring of all activities & arrangements are being carried out by the Principal Heads of Deptts. along with their teams to cope with the situation and to ensure smooth implementation of all plans, under the aegis of Shri Alok Kansal - General Manager of Western Railway. The above scenario portrays that Western Railway truly believes in the adage “Work is Worship” and this is reflected even in the tough times of lockdown due to Coronavirus Pandemic. W. Rly continues to serve the nation by lending its hand through essential service, be it freight traffic or medical facility. From security to engineering, Western Railway is always geared to face whatever may be the situation.





Kolkata, December 25, 2019:

                Consequent upon war footing drive of Railways to restore normal services over North Bengal and Assam, the following trains have been RESTORED :

1)            13149 Up Sealdah – Alipurduar Kanchan Kanya Express o­n 21.12.19

2)            15721Up Digha – New Jalpaiguri Paharia Express o­n 21.12.19

3)            15643 Up Puri – Kamakhya Express o­n 21.12.19 

4)            12041 Up New Jalpaiguri - Howrah Shatabdi Express o­n 19.12.19

5)            12363 Up Kolkata – Haldibari Express o­n 21.12.2019.

6)            12377 Up Sealdah – New Alipurduar Padatik Express o­n 20.12.2019.

7)            12364 Dn Haldibari – Kolkata Express o­n 20.12.2019.

8)            12378 Dn New Alipurduar – Sealdah Padatik Express o­n 20.12.2019.

9)            15644 DN Kamakhya- Puri Express o­n 19.12.19.

10)          15722 Dn New Jalpaiguri – Digha Express o­n 20.12.2019 

11)          12345 Up Howrah-Guwahati Saraighat Express o­n 18.12.19.

12)          13147 Up Sealdah-Bamanhat Uttarbanga Express o­n 19.12.19.

13)          13150 Dn Sealdah-Alipurduar - Sealdah Kanchan kanya Express o­n 21.12.19.

14)          13161 Up Kolkata – Balurghat Tebhaga Express o­n 18.12.2019.

15)          13159 Up Kolkata – Jogbani Express o­n 18.12.2019.

16)          13175 Up Sealdah – Silchar Kanchenjangha Express o­n 18.12.2019.

17)          15959 Up Howrah – Dibrugarh Kamrup Express o­n 18.12.2019

18)          12516 Dn Silchar-Thiruvananthpuram Express commencing journey o­n 17.12.19.

19)          12344 Dn New Jalpaiguri – Sealdah Darjeeling Mail o­n 18.12.2019.

20)          12343 Up Sealdah – New Jalpaiguri Darjeeling Mail o­n 19.12.2019.

21)          12518 Dn Guwahati – Kolkaka Garibrath Express o­n 18.12.2019. 

22)          12042 Dn New Jalpaiguri – Howrah Shatabdi Express o­n 19.12.2019.

23)          13148 Dn Bamanhat – Sealdah Uttarbanga Express o­n 19.12.2019.

24)          13160 Dn Jogbani – Kolkata Express o­n 19.12.2019.

25)          13176 Dn Silchar – Sealdah Kanchenjangha Express o­n 18.12.2019.

26)          13182 Dn Silghat – Kolkata Express o­n 17.12.2019.

27)          15960 Dn Dibrugarh – Howrah Kamrup Express o­n 17.12.2019. 

28)          13421 UP Nabadwip Dham  - Malda Town Express from 24.12.2019.

29)          13422 DN Malda Town – Nabadwip Dham from 23.12.2019.

30)          12517 UP Kolkata – Guwahati Garibrath Express from 19.12.2019.

31)          13163 UP Sealdah – Saharsa Hatey Bazare Express from 25.12.2019.

32)          13164 DN Saharsa – Sealdah Hatey Bazare Express from 26.12.2019.

33)          13169 UP Sealdah – Saharsa Hatey Bazare Express from 26.12.2019.

34)          13170 DN Saharsa – Sealdah Hatey Bazare Express from 25.12.2019.

35)          13465/13466 Howrah – Malda Town – Howrah Express from 24.12.2019.

36)         13103 UP Bhagirathi Express running from Sealdah upto Krishnapur from 24.12.2019 and 

               13104 DN Bhagirathi Express  short originating from Krishnapur station from 25.12.2019.

37)         22309 Howrah- New Jalpairuri AC Express  from 24.12.19.

38)       22310 new Jallpaiguri-Howrah AC Express from 25.12.19.

39)      15712 Katihar- Howrah Express from 30.12.19 and  15711 Howrah-Katihar Express from 31.12.19.


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