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Kanpur central to New delhi | Distance-440Kms | Travel Time 6:45Hrs | Avg Speed 73Km/Hr

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S.noCodeStn NameArr.Dep.HaltDisDay
2PNKDPANKI DHAM00:0300:041:00102
3NDLSNEW DELHI06:30Destination4402
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North Central Railway ferried 5.95 crores passengers in 2021-22

North Central Railway ferried 5.95 crores passengers in 2021-22

Total earnings from passenger traffic in 2021-22 estimated at Rs 1812 crores

97.48% scheduled mail/express trains resumed post COVID

Rs 28.47 crores realized from parcel traffic in 2021-22

Best ever revenue of Rs 276.87 crores realized through scrap sale.

Expectations from NCR are high, we have to work harder and perform better in days to come : GM NCR


As the normalcy bounces back after the deadly waves of COVID pandemic, North Central Railway keeping pace with the overall recoveries, ferried 5.95 crore passengers through its network in 2021-22. This is a quantum jump of 252% as compared to the COVID hit 2020-21 when 1.69 crore passengers travelled. As the financial year closes the tentative figures say that NCR contributed Rs. 1812 crores in the kitty of Indian Railways earned from passenger traffic in 2021-22. This is 127% more than the previous year’s earnings of 799.36 crores when passenger traffic was badly interrupted owing to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Although COVID threat has not completely disappeared, however with the improvement in situation, Railways are also in the process of resumption of coaching services. NCR has resumed almost 98% of mail express trains and around 70 % of passenger trains owned by it. Out of 794 scheduled mail express trains serving NCR, 774 has already been resumed while 120 scheduled passenger train services out of 182 serving NCR has been resumed post COVID.

It is important to mention that there are 84 mail express trains and 66 passenger trains owned by NCR. Out of these NCR owned trains, 82 and 46 have been restored respectively. In addition to it, 14 clone specials and 56 Holiday/Summer special trains are also running presently to clear extra rush of passengers.

Overall mail/express including clone and Holiday currently being run by NCR are 844 (774+14+56), more than 100% of scheduled mail/express trains.

Financial year 2021-22 also witnessed introduction of six new train services by NCR. These are 01825/26 (Kanpur-Brahmavart special, unreserved), 01827/28 (another Kanpur- Brahmavart special, unreserved) and 20451/52 (Sogaria-New Delhi superfast services). Train number 20451/20452 has been introduced by utilizing the lie over rake of 12451/52 (Kanpur-New Delhi Shram Shakti exp) at New Delhi end. The move has benefitted the passengers from area nearby Mathura, Bharatpur, Sawai Madhaupur and Kota districts.

In addition to the above, seven trains have been provided with experimental stoppages at different places in NCR.


2021-22 also marked the recovery of parcel and luggage traffic for NCR. While in 2020-21, parcel traffic was 48.69 MT, it grows by almost 88% in 2021-22 to close at 91.3 MT as per tentative figures. Estimated revenue out of it comes to be 28.47 crore this year as compared to 15.55 crore previous year, a growth of 83%.

Under Operations Green (TOP to Total), 29 Kisan rails were run by NCR. These Kisan Rails originated from Agra and Mainpuri for different destinations of Southern or North-Eastern India. Kisan Rails have been introduced with a novel concept of facilitating small farmers transporting their produce from surplus to deficit regions through the provision of subsidies. By running these 29 Kisan Rails, NCR realized Rs 1.98 crores (excluding subsidy). Rs. 1.90 crores subsidyhas been given to the farmers through operation of these Kisan Rails.

Another notable achievement of NCR is in the field of scrap sale. While the revenue target given by the Railway Board was Rs 230 crore, NCR sold scrap worth Rs 276.87 crores surpassing not o­nly the target by 20.38 % but also improvising upon previous year’s sale by Rs. 6.87 crores. This is the best ever revenue realized by NCR through the sale of scrap.

GM NCR Shri Pramod Kumar has congratulated the officers for these notable achievements. “Achievements are laudable but we have to work harder and perform better to meet the expectations of those who have firm belief in us”, says the General Manager.

It has been decided to de-reserve the following coaches of the following trains

उत्‍तर मध्‍य रेलवे

जनसम्‍पर्क कार्यालय

उत्‍तर मध्‍य रेलवे


पत्रांक:11पीआर/12/2021प्रेस विज्ञप्ति                         दिनांक:22.12.2021


रेल प्रशासन द्वारा निम्न गाड़ियों के निम्न कोचों को अनारक्षित करने का निर्णय लिया गया है, जिसका विवरण निम्‍नवत है:-



गाड़ी सं.

स्टेशन से

स्टेशन तक

स्थाई संरचना में कुल सामान्य कोच

अनारक्षित किये जा रहे कोच

कोच सं.

तिथि से प्रभावी



कानपुर सेन्ट्रल

नई दिल्ली

05सामान्य श्रेणी+01 एसएलआर/डी

02 सामान्य श्रेणी+01 एसएलआर

डी4, डी5, डीएल1

31.12. 21





06 सामान्य श्रेणी+02एसएलआर/डी

03 सामान्य श्रेणी+01एसएलआर/डी

डी5, डी 6, डी7, डी8

31.12. 21


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